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Poor baby, I hope they find him safe, but I doubt it. This doesn't look good. Here in Florida we have not gotten the history of the parents, but I can only imagine--God bless this little boy.

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Not filing charges, how interesting, must be one of the mayors kids or a person politically connected. What a piece of trash, can almost bet the perp is white, if this had been a black woman she would be sitting in jail. The South sucks, admit it. The good ole boy network hard at work. The cops and judge should be charged with malfeasance-but oh wait, their probably white too. (I am white, so no favoritism here) Wish I could find the little B. itch, I would be locking her in a car for about 2 hours in the middle of the day, no water, no bathroom breaks--next time they will find the child dead.

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As always you have the idiots that have to bring up ethnicity--two people are dead, one a child, I do believe this is the focus of the story--murder/suicide or domestic violence--either way it is sad and do hope they find the answers soon.

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The Easter Bunny has some more helpers--I can't imagine having to clean up after that many bunnies--in my opinion, I think the court system has worse things to worry about.

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Our New American Hero--what the h*// does someone need 12 computers for? POS--charge him with treason and hang em high. Concerned taxpayer--since parents cannot handle the job of being parents, it is the job of the government to "entrap" these POS--you see, I don't care what you teach your girls, they are going to do what they want, , because they know better than you. Your comment is stupid and so typical of the dumb parents with children they are trying to protect. The point is idiot, if it were a 14 year old girl, he was still doing it, --he didn't know that it was a trap, his intent was there. Is this the American hero you are willing to support with accolades and pats on the back? Someone who doesn't give a crap about you or your daughters and would rape them just as soon as look at them? No wonder the Government has to be involved--you are an idiot--and God help you raising those kids, you are going to need it.

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Every time I click on CNN/crime, New Mexico is in the news for some reason or other. Seems like this state is where the scourge of society goes. I don't mean the inmates either. I have no doubts this happened--Wardens, guards, medical personnel working in these places are nothing but trash, and can't find jobs anywhere else. They are no different than the people locked up, they just get to do it legally behind closed doors. I wish them luck with the lawsuit too, and maybe the Feds need to come down here and clean house. The guards better watch their backs, those inmates will be getting out, and I am sure one more murder isn't going to phase them one bit.

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This will not stop anything. People will continue to steal, people will continue to follow Hitler--nothing solved today--Too bad they weren't as swift with justice for the real criminals, like child molesters, perps of violent crime, including hate crimes-material things actually do not have value, it is what the so called "experts" deem it to be, to want to pay $100,000 for a piece of paper is outright stupid. People aren't too bright, with all the big and bad toys we have nowadays, you would think humans would think better, no such luck. People are basically stupid and looks like they always will be.

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I see the supposed educated are making stupid comments again. Obama took over George Bush's mess, never forget that. And what the h*// does Obama have to do with anyway? Yes, he put a gun to her head, or her son's head and made them deal drugs. Oh please, get off that victim train would ya? That is so 80's--IF she was dealing heroin, it was her choice--she did it freely--or she knew her son was dealing it and did nothing about it. Your state seems to be in the news quite a bit lately, over run with criminals I see. Like everywhere else. it is going to get worse before it gets better--and to top it off, she didn't plan for the future, that is no one's fault but hers.

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Cyberta: Sorry for your loss, but I do have to say, anyone who commits suicide and takes children with him is a double coward. They should have special graveyards for cowards like this. After 8 years though, you had to know they were dead. I detest cowards--

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The spelling police have been disbanded--as with the grammar police--you know what she meant---like you have never made a typing mistake. Yea right.