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All - I've been off line a few days .. I see some people were upset by my "anti DHS" comments -- I have responded to them - in Part I, II III and so on - because my response was too long to post. Hopefully one can follow the comments -- I don't think they are appearing in order.

It is my experience that DHS behaves in a non professional, subjective manner. The worker on my case - has SNARLED at me when I asked if my grandsons had been separated. She told me "you are not included in this case." I had wanted my two older grandsons - at the beginning but was told by DHS that they NEVER EVER separate children. Now that they have done (what they told me they never do) -- they seem angry with me.

None of this makes any sense to me. They block me from knowing what is going on - etc -- and seem determined to keep my grandsons away from me, because "they do not like me." By their behavior - I have to say -- their goal is to rip apart families - and profit by funding to adoption agencies, foster families and so on.
This is my experience.

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part VI or VII - FINAL

Again - I wish there were a way we could speak - off line. Sorry my comments got so many people riled up. But - it is a fact - the way the Dept. of Human Services operates TODAY is a far cry from what was intended when the agency was set up decades ago - to aid children.

AND - before DHS cut off my visits - (for "poisoning the minds of my grandsons against the foster parents) the boys came to me from the foster family wearing filthy clothes. And in 40 degree weather - with no suitable outer wear coat - only thin sweaters.

I have alwayis supplied the boys with decent clothing - yet they came to me filthy and without jackets. etc. Sent from the foster family to me - in this condition. For shame.

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Part V or Vi (I'm losing count)
The workers do not work to unify families - but rather
conduct themselves like a prosecutor in a murder trial - and the
parents just "twist in the wind" -- most thinking that if they
"graduate' from yet another class that DHS has assigned them to - they will get their kids back. It is a system - designed to take and place children. Period.

I would be happy to discuss this with you in greater and more personal detail - but there seems to be no way for us to contact each other via this site.

Again - yes - some parents don't have any sense and someone should protect their children. Sadly, these children aren't "noticed" because DHS focuses its resources and time and energy upon people that for one reason or another -- "they don't like" -- is it because we voted differently? go to a different church? ride a bike instead of a hummer? Huge differences in people -- and DHS seems to have a vendetta against those who do not "fit their mold" --

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part IV
I do believe that some children need to be protected and taken from parents who are abusing, hurting, molesting, beating them etc. My issue is -- that THESE children go unaided .... and many actually DIE -- while the DHS workers focus their time on a vendetta with people they have taken a "dislike" to ...

It is my experience.... The workers talk down to everyone - and
treat a person - from the beginning - as though they are lying.
They go into their investigation with a "goal" -- and that goal is --
to take and place the children. They manipulate which "facts" are presented in court - and they twist the truth - and because it is stated by a DHS worker in court - it is taken as fact. The poor
clients have no way to defend themselves - yes - the parents have lawyers ... but it is like watching a play that has the script already written.

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PART III (and also there will be a part IV - my comments are too long ??
Yes - I am very bitter. I have no "voice " in any of this (what is
going on with my grandsons). Because the DHS agency "does not like me" because I am educated and can quote statistics about how much they profit by taking and placing children ... What goes on -- SHOULD be illegal. In some instances - this activity is known as money laundering ... some call it a RICOH scheme...

All I know is -- I have been and would continue to be - a fantastic
grandmother. I would take these boys into my own home, if allowed.
BUT - the DHS worker has the power, because she does not "like" me -- to ban me from my grandsons's lives. There should be a law against this.

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PART II ( I am having a difficult time posting - my comments are too long - and now it seems I will also need to go to a part III - hope you can find them all - and tie them together ...

My heart breaks - when I have to visit my grandsons in a room with a 2 way mirror - like a criminal. We are observed and monitored - because the DHS worker claims that I "poisoned the boys against the foster family" -- in her opinion. HER OPINION is enough to tear apart my family - and deprive my grandsons of time with their grandmother. I used to take them hiking, camping, to the beach, to museums, to the zoo, to plays and art exhibits.... Now - they are subjected to religious indoctrination by the foster families. They are sent "away" when the foster families go on vacation ... and at all times -- they are the "extra" -- the "other" -- in families who are making money on them - per head.

continue in PART III

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Sorry all - I've been off line a few days.
Why am I against DHS ? They have been holding my grandchildren for almost 2 years. I have watched these boys deteriorate - and become withdrawn, depressed, and shut down. Yes - it could be said the parents are idiots (arguing in front of the kids) - BUT they never harmed the boys - they loved them etc. I am the grandmother. DHS refuses to speak to me. I have been a by-stander to this entire tragedy. I've tried to skim over some of all of these comments. DHS workers have less education than me and most people I know. They react subjectively - and have great power to use the courts - based upon just their word. In my case - I have SEEN them lie in court - and because "I am not included in the case" -- I can do nothing about it. I have written the judge - I have written my state representative.
Apparently - this agency acts with no oversight.
The system seems based upon bringing in money to the counties where they operate. Example: If I were a worker -- The more children I take and place in foster homes - the more funding comes into my county. This means jobs for my friends (who have set up classes and non-profits to present workshops and so on - to the poor parents) .. The foster parents get to pay off their mortgages... DHS denies access to the children - and weans them away from the family. In my own case - yes - the parents were not Ozzie and Harriet -- but they were not child abusers, child beaters etc. The children love their parents - and this entire situation is just heartbreaking. AND - no one can remedy it apparently. Everyone is in on it. No one wants to "come out against funding for children" -- so this continues. This kind of funding just creates opportunities for greed.

message that my reply is too long - so am splitting it into TWO parts.
PS - no I am not a stoner ...

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The story just broke yesterday - Saturday - on Salem News. See:

Salem Mother Charged in Baby's Death
Posted: 27 Dec 2008 03:41 PM CST
The Salem Police Department is investigating the death of a two month old boy named Ian Noe. Lt. Steve Birr with Salem Police says a 911 call was received just before 3:00 Friday afternoon from a residence in the 1000 blk of Fabry Road SE, reporting that the infant was unconscious. "When medics arrived the infant was discovered to be deceased," Birr said. 19-year old Carrie E. Noe, the mother of the infant, has been taken into custody for Murder and is being booked into the Marion County Jail.

So - your comment -about parent "follow up" and so on -- is about something else. or are you talking about the Turner Oregon family with the 7 or 8 children - all of whom were taken by DHS and then just "disappeared" .....

What matters -- is that DHS routinely accuses parents of murder and abuse - and they are wrong. On Dr. Phil - just this past week - was a story of a woman charged falsely for murdering her daughter. Her son was slammed into foster care - and the mother in prison for 16 yrs... before DNA evidence linked the crime to an actual murderer. The mother was freed -- but she lost her 16 years - and her son grew up in a foster home ... His comments were very telling about what THAT experience is like...

Boy could get no one to listen to him -- Now he is grown up and sharing his memories of being in foster care. To get a transcript of that show -- call 866-643-7445

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The real solution would be to completely raze DHS and its entire system - and start over. Originally - the agency was called Aid to Children and Families - and its intent was to assist poor families. Now - its been taken over by clever people with agendas - who set up a multitude of non-profit agencies and adoption agencies - who all feed at the trough -- the $$ comes in - per head -- the more children "taken and placed" ..
Foster care funding represents 65% of federal funds dedicated to child welfare purposes, and adoption assistance makes up another 22%.
Funding sources that may be used for preventive and reunification services represent only 11% of federal child welfare program funds.
Unbalanced?? You Bet!

S3038 - was renewed on 9.30.08 -- voted YES by Sen. Wyden in OR. The Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997, which has an attractive title but which in reality destroys the lives of children and their families, to the financial benefit of CPS. Cruel and unacceptable!"

STOP Title IV-E funding
The major appeal of the title IV-E program has always been that, as an entitlement, funding levels were supposed to adjust automatically to respond to changes in “need,” as represented by State claims.

Its a mess -- I am only one of the many who suffer and lose their children under this current system. It is flawed beyond belief... but no one wants to "take it on" because no one wants to come out against funding children services - what an awful headline that would make... So it continues - wrecking families - tearing children away from loving parents and families -- and ignoring REAL cases where children are actually in danger. So very sad.

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SHER -- contact me - I'm writing a book about DHS abuse and the children who have lost their childhood as a result.
This abuse is wide spread - and NO ONE has the courage to stand up and stop the profiteering by DHS and its agents.