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well ur not invited to my ******** party.

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You can't pretentiously hide location names and detest yuppies after dropping a mainstream "I just got my first analyst job on Wall St." bar like Alligator Lounge. Such a Poseur. This does not take away from the greatness of a personal pizza every time you order a beer; it is undeniable.

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A. socioeconomic demographic, socioeconomic demographic
B. Allston, Brooklyn
C. Bands, Bands, Album Art
D. Dating Sites, Dating Sites
E. Your new baby

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@x454xbigblok hahahahahhahahahaha.

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So who wins?

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awesome stuff!

But everyone knows that "secrets" is the strongest currency on the planet. I would gladly accept payment in "secrets" for anything. If knowledge is power and power = money and we agree that "secrets" contain some degree of knowledge then I would argue that secrets are a potent type of knowledge because secrets are knowledge with given level of scarcity in the marketplace. Economics 101 tells you that scarcity is the crux of all worth in the marketplace - the more rare something is, the more valuable. That being said, secrets can be deduced and described as "rare knowledge" which is inherently more valuable than all (or most) other knowledge.

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I think it's a subtle allusion to Michael Jackson. The video was filled with children (which we know he loves) executing MJ influenced dance moves (moonwalks, crotch grabs etc.).

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beautiful and gripping.. For realz. I <4 it.

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you're lucky the new Gatorade ad campaign "This is G" didn't ruin this for me. Well done sir.