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Bring it on. Tell them to knock on any farmer's door and run their mouths. I bet the police aren't even called, you'll just see the farmer's wife planting her roses on a freshly dug piece of land tomorrow.

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She probably used a high school picture like most online fuglies do, and when he arrived he was thinking "He.ll no!" and tried to escape.

His first mistake was not throwing cake in the other room before jumping for the window.

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Lol. You're in a gang, in Iowa? Good luck with that, tough guys. I'm sure you could make it back home in Chicago, that's why you're here. Do you really think anyone takes you seriously, or think that your existence even matters?

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I don't speak "of" an obvious higher intellect, I speak "with" an obviously higher intellect. But I'll let that slide, I know you're struggling as it is to put a coherent argument together. As for the library, S%*t happens. That's like saying we need tornado barriers in case a tornado ever hits Cedar Rapids. To waste this kind of money is illogical. What IS logical is for the businesses to have flood insurance. But somehow that is out of the question, even though flood insurance will protect just as well as any wall. As for your next comment, I had to laugh.
"Ill take that suggustion as soon as we have a library to visit after we build the flood wall to protect any future investments that the flood wall will protect."
Redundantly redundant. Way to piecemeal that argument together, Einstein. Yes, we will rebuild and "leave it to chance." If people are too unwilling or too unintelligent to purchase flood insurance at this point, they'll get what's coming to them. But hey, it's better to let the majority of people pay for the minority of people's problems, that's the new American way. Force everyone to give you what you don't deserve simply because you want it, but won't get it yourself. I'm glad I could educate you.

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Obviously you're a rocket scientist. This tax does NOTHING for rebuilding downtown. It is for a flood wall on the west side of the river. I guess you've spent too much time out of the library, there, champ.

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SHHHH!!!! You'll make some fat KCRG reporter get off of their and have to actually go take a real picture of a real crime scene! Do you really want to see their picture-taking incompetence on top of their reporting incompetence?

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Obviously this lady lives her life a quarter mile at a time....

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My guess is this: If the story reported is correct, and multiple people over a time period yelled racial slurs at the same group of people, chances are pretty good it's not the behavior of the language users that should be questioned, but the group of people at the center of the word slinging. I'm pretty sure if random and unrelated people all take offense at a certain group of people at different times, it's probably because they are doing something that warrants the verbal lashing. But, that's just me. I feel like, at this point, if a group of black people robbed a bank, KCRG would question what the bank is doing to these individuals that made them want to rob the place.

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I bet the missing finger was his work finger.