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We'll sorely miss Andrew Breitbart, but I feel encouraged that we have people like Dana carrying on his legacy.

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Just waiting for the Pauliacs to come rushing in to bash Santorum. Do us all a favor and put away your hatred of Santorum for two seconds and at least agree with him in this one case!

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The libs reflexively hate conservatives like Santorum. They can't help it. The same apparently goes for Ron Paul supporters.
That's what bothers me the most about Paul and his minions: they will attack Santorum more viciously than they will ever attack Obama. Paul himself seems unwilling to go after Obama. He won't call Obama a "fake and a fraud" like he has called Santorum. I think that Paul is afraid to attack Obama because of the controversy about the racist statements in his newsletters.

Paul is more intent on burning down his own house, than he is with attacking the other side. Think about it. He says that Iran is entitled to a nuclear weapon because they need to protect themselves! He is a hair's width away from saying that we are to blame for 9/11. He has more sympathy for death row inmates than he does for their victims. He has a mentality that blames the victim and coddles the attacker. He's applying that same mentality to this presidential campaign. He turns all of his hatred toward the Republican party, but none toward Obama.

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So according to you, Santorum is "a steaming, snarky AZZHOLE. That stupid grin on his face and arrogant responses to his liberal, big labor voting record makes him a loser." Then you go on to refer to him as a "POS." It sounds to me like you absolutely loath Santorum. I don't know how you could ever claim that he was "your guy."

First of all, what did you base your support on prior to this current hatred that you feel? You cite his voting record, but if you had done your homework, you would have known about any such concerns before you decided he was "your guy." Speaking of that, your misrepresentation of his voting record is straight out of the Ron Paul foot soldier's handbook.

No, you're a Paulite, through and through, always have been. You're just trying to pull off some kind of disingenuous switcheroo. It's not working. Your rhetoric gives you away.

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Apparently, I spoke too soon.
I also just read the comments to this story on Fox News web site. Lots of hateful vitriol from the Left there as well.

So much for civility.

Mavelous63, you just go on doing what you do, I have no desire to get into a pissing match with the likes of you today.

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I went to Huffington Post, expecting to read some real vitriol, but the comments I read were civil and respectful.
I'm sure there are more than a few disgusting comments floating out in the ether, but I was at least encouraged by the tone at HuffPo.

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This news was like a gut punch. We lost a real fighter for the cause today. Rest in peace, Andrew.

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Please, don't insult our intelligence by claiming that Santorum was your "guy."
Go back to HuffPo or Daily Kos, troll.

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I was just using a little hyperbole.

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Nice! Too bad our own politicians refuse to say this.
I think Miss Davis needs to be added to the list of possible VP candidates!