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Ravenclaw nazi: "i'm mostly in it for the post-mortems after the murder parties, i mean where else will i get to study muggle brains and find out if they're different from ours? sometimes you have to crack a few eggs in the name of discovery"

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Gryffindor nazi: "look i just KNOW that muggle-borns are shite at magic, alright? don't quote your statistics at me, i know what's right and what's wrong, and I'm gonna do something about it before we're all screwed!"

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the wizard nazis are only all in one house because JKR doesn't understand people that well, anyway

i mean, it would be SO EASY to make a hufflepuff a wizard nazi. "It's for the good of the community. Look, you have to weed out the magically weak, or where will hogwarts be in ten years? Defend our wizarding future!"

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Wasn't this in King's "doing so many drugs I literally don't remember books" phase?

Not that that's an excuse, mind, it's just an explanation.

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It could be being prescriptive traditionalists, or it could be feeling insecure about their own choices, or it could be honest concern for you. I say this last one because I've been had a lady friend who switched from "lookin for twu wuv" to "sleep with strangers and take off in the morning" very quickly, and her "I'll never settle down" talk seemed rooted in depression and self-destructive tendencies rather than her actually realizing she preferred independent living and non-monogamy. If your platonic lady friends are the last kind of friend, and you're approaching non-monog from a place of health and happiness, I'm sure it'll be self-evident and they'll come around fairly quickly. :)

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While personally I feel that "solo poly" is perhaps a little confusing when compared to simple, clean "non-monogamous", and that maybe you could avoid your "jumbo shrimp" responses there with a switch in terminology (at least among olds/randos at the family reunion), it's your life! Congratulations on finding a lifestyle that works for you, and being able to be open and honest about it.

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You are doing something wrong, and the best thing to do when experiencing guilt and pain over doing a wrong thing is to stop doing the wrong thing. Self-flagellating isn't going to help you feel better - behaving in the way you want to (not sneaking around, building real connections) will. I definitely agree with other posted advice to request he stop contacting you immediately and permanently, and to remove the option you have to contact him by deleting and blocking away. Especially if your current partner considers you exclusive.

You will feel better when you're no longer hurting yourself or other people emotionally. You can condition yourself to not want the thrill of the "bad" thing. I honestly think a good therapist would be a great help in getting yourself on track to live and love how you want to, not in the way you're used to. If you really don't want to engage in this relationship, and truly view it as something that's morally wrong, there's likely some stuff you need to unpack as you quit it - it almost sounds like it's become self-destructive behaviour. Good luck!

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yeah the only situation an extra leg is good for is setting yourself up like a tripod and that probably burns like wall sits eventually

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Cool cats love and value all 600something pokemons.

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I love imagining a pokemon anime with some ten year old yelling "GO! GORDITA!"