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I completely agree. I mean in India we still can't agree that the government has no business running 5 star hotels. I doubt that Krugman/Friedman debates are very relevant in the Indian case.

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The general elections work out different from state elections. Primarily, Congress has been outperforming its state level performance in the national level elections. We will discuss this in greater detail in the next post.

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next time, try writing a coherent comment.

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Thanks. Corrected that.

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I will be very happy if the Indian voter proves me wrong and provides the correct incentives on corruption.

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Reference few islands of poverty: That was an error. I guess it was corrected sometime right after you posted this. In any case that should be clear from the context it self.

For the rest. Okay let's start: You advocate development should be redefined. Kindly explain?

Btw, some may that argument for US too that it is no more than a giant market for Chinese goods..

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Dear Shivam,

a) I personally find caste abhorrent but if we are going to have caste-driven reservations, then caste-census is essential.

b) Please note: The caste census is only the first step. The second and the most important step is to classify who is an OBC, and then ensure the list is revised periodically and reflects geographical variations.

Btw, what difference does it make to you? Not that you have cared much about data, ever. You already just knew...

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Thanks for the feedback! Was posted in a hurry but no excuses.

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You raise a fair point. However, the only answer to that can be more discourse. If we have enough number of people then it would be harder for falsehoods to spread. I understand the filter argument has its benefits in terms of bunch of disinterested professionals parsing through news and giving us the true story but I am skeptical how it plays out in real life. Everyone has their own interests, afterall.