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Not only did I cry throughout the beginning of the post, but I started bawling during the last paragraph. I actually had to close the door of my office so no one would see or hear me.

What a beautiful post, Becca. Elias, Addie, and Jason are very lucky to have you in their lives, as you are them.

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I love your Deku people - they're cute! You should try selling them (or one's like it, if you're giving them to the kids) on etsy.

I saw the craziest movie this afternoon on TV: Reefer Madness, an anti-marijuana propaganda movie from the 1930s. So enjoyable…informative, too! I had no idea that “the dope” causes people to become homicidal and incurably insane. As the movie poster proclaims, “The sweet ‘pill’ that makes life bitter…Women cry for it…Men die for it!” tee hee hee – so overdone. :)

I’m procrastinating too much lately, but am getting close to finishing everything up for graduation – only two weeks away! I bought my cap and gown, though. They have these weird renaissance-y sleeves that are kind of like gigantic pockets. I think I'm going to hide some candy in them for the ceremony.

OK, back to my papers. :)

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I love your last paragraph in this post – so great! You make your readers feel so special.

I’ve been reading religiously for about 2-3 weeks (since your nomination). I was sick like Addie and Eli, so I read about a year of posts. It’s been great company! :) Now my kids are sick, though, so there’s lots of soup and juice making. Whew!

Hope you have fun at the parent-teacher meeting – I just love that elementary school smell.