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Haven't watched any episodes since 13 since I've just been really busy, but I always seem to come back to a great episode :)

Lena Hall sang beautifully, always a fan of Broadway singing in general! Was also nice to see AJ's element come into play in such a nice way in addition to the simple yet true-to-life and meaningful story. Gonna miss you, AKR :')

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Stability is definitely the key word. I used to immerse myself in pony massively, but I just can't do that because of other fandoms I also love (well, that and the fact that another certain one dominated me for a long time). I don't immerse myself nearly as much anymore, but I'm working towards paying attention to pony just as much as I pay attention to any other fandom.

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Holy. Fucking. Hell.

I've been too busy to watch any episodes besides the premier until now, and what a fucking time to come back. Pretty much everything about this episode is damn genius, I could just feel the love that was put into here. Hot fucking damn, now I remember why I love this series so much.

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Well shit, I leave for a few weeks because school got busy and I come back to this?

Damn, AKR was my favorite. Still, Disney is a great opportunity for her, I know I sure as hell would love to be there. Wish her the very best.

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I got more of a Korra vibe when Aiwei escaped.

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How dare Hasbro be nice!

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Not gonna lie, I was expecting a heavy-ass episode that dealt with losing a pet.

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Yeah, I hear that's the general consensus. I actually saw the ending and the first movie to follow, and while the ending was weird the movie seemed pretty cool. Of course this was a really long time ago so I don't remember too much.

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That would be great for Soul Eater, I LOVED Brotherhood. Haven't really seen much of the original Alchemist, though I'm planning on continuing anyway.

And that description of Black Lagoon sounds amazing, now I'm definitely going to watch at some point. Although I have a lot of shows on my watch list right now, like Durarara!! which just looks plain cool.

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Kill La Kill is my second favorite show ever, topped only by GL itself. And yes, I think I was planning on seeing Black Lagoon, but I have seen Soul Eater. Generally liked it, definitely had a lot of great moments, but it also seemed pretty messy throughout, like it missed a lot of potential (like say the ending).