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Congratulations to the Rennie family... You and your family are truly blessed!

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I should feel disappointed that it wasn't my name posted in this big win but surprisingly and truthfully I feel awesome that somebody so deserving of a wonderful birthday blessing come into fruition. Congratulations to Crystal (and family)! Happy birthday, too. I'm picturing you having a great birthday celebration / party in you new abode.

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...No winner announcement yet? (sigh) I was hoping somebody would be getting that big treat during Halloween night... Oh, I guess somebody played a trick on me... time to dig into my basket of sweets and goodies while the waiting continues.

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hmmm...still no update!

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My last two entries are in! I'm hoping maybe one of them would be the "lucky" one that will be picked on or before the Oct 6th draw. If not, I will still be happy for whoever wins since all of us had a fair shot to dreaming and winning this Urban Oasis house. Well, let the waiting begins... hopefully, it'll be an exciting wait like it used to be when we get some clues and updates not a loooooong silence to the revelation day...

HGTV, thank you for all that you do...

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I took the tour and first 2 entries in...yay! I love that this is a single detached property, but I'm missing all the glitzy, sophisticated look, location, building like the previous years' urban oasis properties... this is just me! Anyway, I'm still looking forward to winning it. Thanks HGTV for the yearly urban home sweeps. Good luck to all!

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Yay!... first 2 entries in. Marked my calendar as reminder to turn in my entries every 10 am. from 7/27-9/11... The excitement goes on. Good luck to us! :D

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All I could say is Isabel won a "Villa" and that's for Real... Congratulations, Isabel Villareal!

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very well said, MAOW!.. The Feng shui would be the least of my worries for now; winning that gorgeous cabin is the big thing.

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OMG...LOVE IT!...'just started the tour and I'm already convinced this it the best cabin to me. The outdoor spaces are rejuvenating places to unplug myself and simply commune with nature at its best...^_^