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what you should be posting is the above link. Cameron promising to destroy jobs for Brits in the IT business. Not only printing masses of uncapped ICT work visas for the slave trading Indian outsourcers. Not satisfied with that he is going to fast track their visas. You couldnt make it up. Is he the PM of India or the UK?

somehow I think my definition of "expert" will be rather different to Daves

Who on earth is advising him on the IT business? Oh yea I remember its Mr Tata on his business advisory committee, and the ex head of IT at Eton as the government CTO… you couldn’t make it up!

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Oh the plan? You mean massive state manipulation of the housing market? Open doors immigration from India with uncapped ICT work visas etc displacing lots of Brits from the jobs market? Big spend on a vanity train set? Hammer me for tax but leave your own family trust funds safe? Lots of the best jobs and promotions for your public school mates in the public sector, while ex state school pupils get to do the hard work with none of the glory? Is that the plan you mean?

400,000 new jobs? oh and how many are Indian nationals here on, or originally entered the country on, uncapped ICT work visas?

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Pass the sick bag yes indeed. India was as bad as China. Cameron taking a planeload of ex public school mates, and mates of mates, is hilarious… doesn’t he think ex state school pupils do business? I’m beginning to think it’s the new apartheid some perks of life for the public school crew and all the rest of us get separate facilities, very much led and organised by Cameron. Most of these clowns have no idea of the real challenges, never having had to bribe customs guards, never having seen the immigration abuse, the intellectual property theft, the worker harassment, etc.

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nonsense Indian workers here for the Indian outsourcers Cognizant, Wipro, Infosys and the rest are allowed much more as supposed "expenses" than Brits working away from home within the UK are allowed...

Indian workers get the first 12 months in the country free of both employers and employees national insurance...

Indian workers regularly time their stays in the UK to start and end mid tax year so that they can work 6 months and get a full years tax allowance, and if they only have a 6 month work visa for a tax year nobody I know thinks they should get a full years tax allowance

They regularly time their time here to match the most expensive years of their childrens schools as they get that free here and would have to pay back home, and they similarly regularly come in when a relative needs an expensive operation as thats free on the NHS

of course Cognizant, Wipro, Infosys and the rest are all tax avoiders paying their corporate taxes in havens rather than here

and these workers being subcontracted into other organisations for less than it costs to hire a Brit is much more than a bee in my bonnet, its a significant negative problem for the UK economy

to say nothing of the way these Indian workforces are abused, indentured servitude, racism, harassment, bullying, and so on, the theft of British intellectual property, the fact many are engaged in moving British jobs to India on an industrial scale, and many other issues...

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How does displacing tens of thousands of Brits from the IT workforce to be replaced by Indian nationals here on uncapped ICT work visas given significant tax perks so that they are taxed significantly less than Brits contribute to "productivity"?

How does the state funding (through universitys etc) leading edge intellectual property only to watch it given free of charge to multi nationals which use it free of any licence fees in India and China help UK "productivity"?

Labour is not the real opposition, voters who think "none of the above" meet their criteria are the real audience you need to worry about.

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The problem with social housing is that many of the estates built to support long closed mines, shipyards, and steel works are still there. Only nowadays there is no jobs market within travelling distance of these estates, the folk left there and basically forced to remain there by the housing system have no chance of finding jobs. If the individuals controlled their own housing subsidy (instead of the subsidy being given to councils and housing associations) then they would have moved away and optimised their house size, location, access to jobs market, and so on much more efficiently than the state ever will. Continuing large state spends on these housing estates, indeed spending significant sums on so called regeneration of them is a mistake, what should happen is housing in areas without a jobs market should be allowed to fail.

Another problem is that far too many social houses are in the hands of relatively wealthy people. If we are going to have heavily subsidised houses rationed by the state then really we should not have well off people living in them.

And really its getting out of hand the amount of cross subsidy in housing in this country, the private tenants are not only subsiding the social tenants they are also subsiding the mortgages classes through all the help to buy schemes etc. We have passed the point where the state is just abusing private tenants. The state should get out of manipulating the market and leave individuals to make their own decisions, and confine itself to giving housing subsidy to needy people to spend as they choose.

Why on earth Conservatives believe in mass-market manipulation, and taxing poor people (private tenants) to subsidise often relatively rich people (in social housing and with mortgages) is beyond me.

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But we are still taxing Indian nationals here on uncapped ICT work visas less than Brits, long periods free of national insurance, and allowed significant payments tax free as supposed expenses which Brits cannot have, and allowed a full years tax allowance even if they only have a work visa for part of a tax year. So the chancellor continues to encourage employment of foreign nationals over the native workforce. So hardly a success.

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A proper opposition would be raising immigration, the second biggest issue with the voters, the fact that labour want even more than the current open doors shows how poorly our system is at dealing with the wishes of the people. And thats why the real opposition is "none of the above"...