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WORLD WAR Z, so good, so proud of you.

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Well. The main point is actually just review what you want whenever.

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1) Attachments is great, excellent job there.

2) Yeah, totally. Those things where you're like, huh, I have watched The Office all the way through like 4 times. Is it one of my favorite shows? I GUESS SO.

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That published before 2000 category is gonna get helped when we read IVANHOE AND FRANKENSTEIN.

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Oooooh look at your great reads this year. A+ job, madam. I continue to be impressed by you as a person.

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Oooh Bloomsbury.

I'm really interested in England's race issues, 'cause yeah, they have a totally (pretty much) different history than America and therefore different issues/sensitivities. *peers at book*

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Ummmm *looks at Sept reading stats*

Looks like I only finished 5 things in Sept, 3 of which were comics, and the only diverse one was When Dimple Met Rishi, which, of course, I hated. I did LOVE Silk, though, and she's Asian-American! But the author is....maybe a white dude. Unsure.

Did you LIKE Locke & Key? I know a ton of people love it, and I know you listened to it, so it's maybe different, but I couldn't stay with it.

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OH -- OH, I FORGOT TO COMMENT RE THAT SALTY LADY COMMENT. That was Georgina Hogarth, aka Dickens's sister-in-law who kept living with him and taking care of his household after he left her sister for the much younger Nell Ternan. And considering he called himself The Inimitable, step. off. Georgina.

"Thanks for that "no fatties" line thrown in at the end, Wilks." I LOL'D. I LOL'D, ALLEY.

Thank you so much for doing this with me. I KNOW IT WASN'T GREAT. And I appreciate it.

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A+ gif usage, ma'am.

I loved the boot line. The butt thing, there's totally that Wilkie quote about his favorite view of a woman being the backside or whatever. ALSO NONE OF US MENTIONED THAT HE NAMED HIS DAUGHTER MARIAN.

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"BUT he also talks about how ugly the women are that are wearing said hats so shut up, Fivehead."
"Even Lycett is like "So this story is pretty much just bullshit.""


I FORGOT ABOUT THE MAID TRYING TO LOOK AT HIM PEEING. Also I kind of assumed his crinoline hate was kind of him being on the side of dress reform and how ladies didn't need to wear that many clothes (but it probably DID make their butts look bigger, so what're you complaining about, Wilkie).

Also I posted a pic of Augustus Egg's called Travelling Companions and I love it so much and want to marry it.