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SO EXCITED, I commissioned an episode years ago :D

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On my first watch of this episode, I thought for sure Yellow Diamond did it. She's in such a hurry to rush the trial and execute "Rose"! She doesn't give Blue Zircon's protest any consideration!! It's her, she's guilty!!!

But watching it again, I'm not so sure. I think maybe we're just seeing different grieving styles from Yellow and Blue Diamond -- that Yellow isn't listening to the trial because the details of this are too painful for her and she just wants it over with, that she's hounding for "Rose's" execution in a desperate bid for closure, and that she doesn't know any more than Blue Diamond does about any cover-up...

Which leaves White Diamond, conspicuous in her absence, as my #1 suspect.

I agree, though, that it seems like Garnet and Pearl think Rose is guilty... Greg described her as "starting" this war, and in contrast said, "But I didn't care about who she'd been before, what I cared about was the loving, kind person she was [when I met her]." So... what's going on? (I think someone above implied that maybe Pearl, having (possibly!) been Pink Diamond's Pearl, could have done it, and Rose could have taken the "blame"...)

But that delightful mystery aside, I noticed in Mark's last review that he spotlighted Topaz as, thankfully, finally breaking a chain of butch gems being portrayed negatively, and I thought I'd add that I think the Zircons here are pretty butch? They aren't wall-of-muscle style like Jasper, Bismuth, and Topaz, but especially Blue Zircon is broad-shouldered and the placement of their gems (? that's their gem, right?) evokes a bow-tie as much as a cravat for me. Shout-out also to the Famethyst, because most of them are more Jasper-like in appearance than our Amethyst!

(The criticism is completely valid, I think, but it also made me really sad so I've been keeping an eye out for anything that could possibly be a positive butch gem.)

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But that still comes out to saying that nonbinary is less transgressive than gay. And I don't think it is, not in any real sense of the word.

Yes, you can hide behind "they're not human, so it doesn't count", but I repeat that imaginary Sugar imaginarily telling her bosses, "No, the gems aren't gay, they're all trans," would not in fact be a good "dodge". No network that was afraid of exposing kids to lesbian characters is going to be less afraid of exposing them to nonbinary characters. The moment they're put in human terms at all, it's all equally transgressive, and the nonbinary part is arguably moreso. (I mean, I can name other lesbian and bi female characters on TV, outside this show; we're getting better, but the same still cannot be said for nonbinary characters. I can't think of any.)

I've been reading through the comments kind of in reverse-order, and I didn't expect to get any replies to this, so I'll add that I've so far found the MW community to be quite good about this, but you cannot deny that there is absolutely a strain of people in the fandom who dismiss the Gems as nonbinary entirely under the premise that "they're not really supposed to be nonbinary, Sugar only said that to hide her gay, all the characters are really cis lesbians".

You can't argue that there is not a strain of people in the fandom who actually attack nonbinary readings of the characters, under the premise that they're all inherently homophobic.

That comic is meant in good humor, but by saying "no, no, they're [not lesbians, they're just] agendered space rocks," it's positing the nonbinary representation in this show as a lie. :\

(But yes, it's good that Sugar hasn't actually had to tell any lies, apparently; it's definitely getting better in the writers' rooms for all of us!)

(Also, I mean, Sailor Moon did it, and Michiru and Haruka as cousins definitely does make things a lot worse as the dub goes along, but they did it!)

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That other link... saddens me. As if Rebecca Sugar's defense was really "no no they're agender spacerocks". As if being nonbinary is just a lie she told to cover for the real representation. As if nonbinary people being in love is somehow less transgressive than two women being in love. :\

If she told Cartoon Network anything at all, it is much more likely "noooo that's a kiss on the cheek they're practically sisters".

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babylon 5 eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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WARNING: that link goes straight to the final season and the image in the background plus many caps of the episodes below are like... enormous spoilers for the end of season 1 / beginning of season 2.

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Good to have confirmation that the only thing I actually liked in this episode (that you can use it to extrapolate Kira and Ezri not being straight) was something Nana Visitor resented. Also, Ms Visitor, FYI, "narcissism" was actually one of the oldest ways to dismiss real life interest in one's own gender, so maybe just don't.

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It's a nice rationalization, but this isn't the first DS9 kiss between two women. Jadzia was already quietly bi/pan back when she and that other joined Trill rekindled their romance while both being women.

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I like everything about this, and I hope you keep doing it. I particularly like keeping Ezri while also keeping Jadzia.

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O'Brien: "(Sighs) I wish there was some other way."

(If ONLY the episode had been written more thoughtfully....... :( )

Keiko: "(Sighs)"
O'Brien: "Golana's been her home for ten years. She knows how to survive there. She'll be all right."

So, yeah. I'll accept that they weren't being deliberately awful about autism. But the message... remains. The ableism at the core is unchanged. And it's frankly weird, given the very direct parallel to 5x16, with Julian's callback, and its much more critical message about "replacing" a "disappointing" child with the one you feel you deserve.

(We can all agree that Keiko and O'Brien weren't DELIBERATELY replacing their child, although they did explicitly consider doing so -- but they DID, effectively, replace their child.)

The best I can give this episode is that it's clumsy. That it implied really awful things by accident. :\