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Matthew Binkley as Shavo, an Orion dancer

He only has a couple of other credits, which can be found here

Morgan Kohan as an Orion weapons dealer

Other credits include: Murdoch Mysteries, Kim’s Convenience, Ransom, When Calls the Heart, The Bold Type, Creeped Out and When Hope Calls as Lillian Walsh.

David Benjamin Tomlinson as a Klingon gambler

He previously appeared as the Klingon warrior Or’Eq in “The Vulcan Hello”

Other credits include: Queer as Folk, Miracle, G-Spot, Orphan Black, Conviction, The Writers’ Block as David, Designated Survivor and Baroness Von Sketch Show.

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Discovering the Cast

Images courtesy of and Memory Alpha

Bold for movies, italics for voice acting roles

Clint Howard as an Orion drug dealer

Mark Watches readers might recognize him from Star Trek: TOS, though he was very young at the time (the true form of the alien Balok in “The Corbomite Manuever”), DS9 (Grady in “Past Tense, Pt. 2”), Enterprise (Muk in “Acquisition”) and Fringe (Emmanuel Grayson in “The Road Not Taken”). He’s our first return guest actor from a prior Trek show.

Other credits include: The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, Ben Casey, The Andy Griffith Show, the Baileys of Balboa as Stanley, The Fugitive, Bonanza, The Patty Duke Show, The Jungle Book as the young elephant, Gentle Ben as Mark Wedloe, Lancer, The Red Skelton Hour, The Odd Couple, Family Affair, The FBI, Gunsmoke, The Virginian, The Mod Squad, Marcus Welby MD, Night Gallery, Nanny and the Professor, Insight, The Streets of San Francisco, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh as Roo, Grand Theft Auto as Ace, Harper Valley PTA, Happy Days, Lou Grant, Night Shift as Jefferey, Splash, Cocoon, Gung Ho as Paul, Santa Barbara, Parenthood, Tango & Cash, Hunter, Backdraft, The Rocketeer, Far and Away, Seinfeld, Carnosaur as Slim Friar, The Paper, Leprechaun 2, Married with Children, Forget Paris, Apollo 13 as Sy Liebergot, Silk Stalkings, The Outer Limits, Barb Wire, That Thing You Do!, Santa With Muscles as Hinckley, Austin Powers, From the Earth to the Moon, The Waterboy, EdTV, The Pretender, My Dog Skip as Millard, Little Nicky, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, House of the Dead as Salish, Crossing Jordan, The Cat in the Hat, The Missing, Cinderella Man, Fun with Dick and Jane, How to Eat Fried Worms as Uncle Ed, Halloween, Frost/Nixon, My Name is Earl, Heroes, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, The Dilemma, Arrested Development, Hawaii Five-0, Key and Peele, The Funhouse Massacre, M*d Families as Gravy, Still the King, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Those Who Can’t, 3 From Hell and Just Roll With It.


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I bought the first two seasons on Vudu a while ago when they were having a TV sale. The only streaming services I have are Netflix, Hulu and Disney Plus

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Does anyone know where I can go to watch the Short Treks? I've never looked into it before

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Discovering the Cast

Images courtesy of and Memory Alpha

Bold for movies, italics for voice acting roles

Jeremy Crittenden as Lord Eling, the lucky survivor of Emperor Georgiou’s massacre

Patreon supporters may recognize him from The Expanse (a medical tech in “Assured Destruction” and “Reload”)

Other credits include: The L Word, The Dead Zone, Stan Helsing, Murdoch Mysteries, Taken and Good Witch.

Billy MacLellan as Barlow, a member of Lorca’s rebel group

Mark Watches readers may recognize him from Slings and Arrows (Laertes in “Outrageous Fortune” and “Playing the Swan”), and Patreon supporters may recognize him from The Expanse (Marama Brown in “Back to the Butcher”) and Killjoys (Juno Clay in “Bro-d Trip”).

Other credits include: Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye, Instant Star, ReGenesis, The Border, Rookie Blue, The Heartland, Republic of Doyle, Flashpoint, Bomb Girls, Lost Girl, Saving Hope, Covert Affairs, Nikita, Max and Shred, The Ron James Show, Watch Dogs, October Gale, Murdoch Mysteries, Defiance as Lt. Bebe, 12 Monkeys, Maudie as Frank, Dark Matter, Watch Dogs 2 as Jimmy Siska, Bellevue as Brady Holt, Wynonna Earp, Far Cry 5, The Silence as the Reverend, Hudson & Rex and Nobody as Charlie Williams.

Raven Dauda as Dr. Pollard, one of the doctors aboard Discovery

Patreon supporters may recognize her from The Expanse (Nono Volovodov in “IFF”, “Reload” and “Delta-V”).

Other credits include: Murder at 1600, PSI Factor, Gossip, Left Behind: The Movie, Doc, Soul Food, Mutant X, Paid in Full, Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye, Odyssey 5, Bulletproof Monk, Wild Card, The Newsroom, This is Wonderland, Bury the Lead, Paradise Falls as Kelly Fairview, Da Boom Crew, ReGenesis, The Dating Guy, The Firm, Nikita, Rookie Blue, Orphan Black, Heroes Reborn, Rogue, Odd Squad, Suits, Mary Kills People, Annedroids as Nick’s Mom, Designated Survivor, Saving Hope, The Mist, Salvation, Top Wing, Falling Water as Mayor Harding, Condor, Jack Ryan, Greta as Officer Regan, Private Eyes, Creeped Out, Impulse as Yvette, Spinning Out as Nancy Stevens, Murdoch Mysteries, Utopia Falls as Reia, Nurses, The Umbrella Academy as Odessa, Grand Army, Hudson & Rex, Clifford the Big Red Dog as Mrs. Clayton and Crisis.

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I'm overall positive on FatWS as well, though you can definitely tell that there were a lot of plot threads that got shortchanged due to the pandemic. Hopefully there will still be time to address some of them further down the line. [full season spoilers] Gurl'ir fnvq gung Snypba naq gur Jvagre Fbyqvre jbhyqa'g or trggvat n frpbaq frnfba, ohg abguvat nobhg Pncgnva Nzrevpn naq gur Jvagre Fbyqvre trggvat bar.

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If I squint, I can rationalize it as data taken from a group of rebel non-humans who have incomplete data on the empire (in the way that planets oppressed by the Dominion didn't know the identity of the Founders). But I have to squint pretty damn hard, especially given the amount of details present about the rest of the crew.

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And yes, I knew about the Ash/Voq plot twist when I previously credited "Javid Iqbal" as playing Voq. But what else was I going to do? Make up fake credits for him?

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Discovering the Cast

Images courtesy of and Memory Alpha

Bold for movies, italics for voice acting roles

Dwain Murphy as Captain Maddox of the ISS Charon

Patreon supporters may recognize him from Killjoys (Surja in “Come the Rain”)

Other credits include: G-Spot, How She Move, Poor Boy’s Game as Flipper, Degrassi: The Next Generation, Ghost Whisperer, Warehouse 13, Rookie Blue, Combat Hospital as PJ Terrel Ford, The Mentalist, Saving Hope, Nikita, Splinter Cell: Blacklist as Isaac Briggs, Republic of Doyle, Lost Girl, X Company, Rogue, Beauty and the Beast, A Family Man as Antoine, The Strain, Watch Dogs 2, The Mist, Suits, Mohawk Girls as Leon, Ransom, 12 Monkeys, Titans, Private Eyes and Utopia Falls as Moore Times.

Riley Gilchrist as Shukar, Voq’s Andorian assistant

Other credits include: The Smart Woman Survival Guide as Alastair, Being Erica, Warehouse 13, Degrassi: The Next Generation, The Listener, Murdoch Mysteries, Reign, Slasher, Good Witch, Private Eyes, Suits, Frankie Drake Mysteries and The Handmaid’s Tale

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Discovering the Cast

Images courtesy of and Memory Alpha

Bold for movies, italics for voice acting roles

Michael Boisvert as Captain Kovil of the USS Gagarin

Other credits include: Dirven, Get Over It, Exit Wounds, Tarzan, Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye, Queer as Folk, This is Wonderland, Stargate: Atlantis, Murdoch Mysteries, XIII: The Series, the Firm, Flashpoint, The Listener, Hemlock Grove, Corner Gas, Pixels, Bitten, Degrassi: Next Class, 12 Monkeys, Suits, Private Eyes, Undercover Grandpa, Dark Matter, Salvation, Jigsaw as Lee James, The Beaverton, Impulse, Life in a Year, Frankie Drake Mysteries and Coroner