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Chapter 23 – Many Uses

Rock became a bridgeman because he cooked Sadeas a meal and used chull shit as an ingredient in every dish. Rock is now one of my favorite characters of all time.

Seriously, though, Rock IS one of my favorite characters in this entire series. While this chapter moves the plot forward a bit (Kaladin is able to obtain knobweed and milk the sap from them with Rock, Teft and Syl’s help), this chapter is more concerned with fleshing out Rock’s character a bit and outlining a bit of his backstory. It also helps to firmly establish Teft, Rock and Kaladin as the trio at the heart of Bridge Four. Though I did notice that, while Rock and Kaladin both gave abbreviated versions of their stories, Teft didn’t say anything about how he became a bridgeman. His background is still a mystery, at least at this point in the narrative.

Gurer'f rira zber sberfunqbjvat nobhg Xnynqva jvaavat n Funeqoynqr urer va Ebpx'f fgbel, naq va Xnynqva'f erfcbafr gb vg. V'z cerggl fher gung zbfg ernqref pna fgneg gb thrff gung Xnynqva jbhyq yvxryl jva bar ng fbzr cbvag, tvira ubj znal gvzrf vg'f pbzr hc fb sne. Ohg V qba'g xabj ubj znal jbhyq unir thrffrq ng guvf cbvag gung vg unq nyernql unccrarq.

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Chapter 22 – Eyes, Hands or Spheres

I really like the design and description of Elhokar’s party islands. I can really visualize them pretty easily, and think that they’d look great on-screen if this ever got adapted. There’s also a lot of worldbuilding about Alethi culture in the way the party is arranged. Separate dining islands for men and women, and Dalinar mentions that there’s different types of food served to men and women as well. Speaking of food, there’s also mention of different colors of “wine.” Since the only place on Roshar that grapes could possibly grow is in Shinovar, these probably aren’t actually wines. They’re more likely liqueurs or some other type of distilled spirit. V'z cerggl fher gung bar bs gur vyyhfgengvbaf va rvgure Jbeqf bs Enqvnapr be Bnguoevatre zragvbaf gung gurl'er nyy gur fnzr fcvevg, jvgu qvssrerag pbybef vaqvpngvat cebbs naq nqqrq synibevat. Ohg V qba'g erzrzore gur rknpg qrgnvyf. I also like the detail that the women are engaging in dueling just as much as the men are, just in a different medium.

Wit also returns, and this time he brings an insult comic routine with him. Most of his roasting of the various lighteyes is fairly lowbrow, the sort of stuff that you might hear from the guy you pay to throw tomatoes at in the Renaissance Festival. But I did notice that of all the people that he passed, he didn’t bother to insult Dalinar. Even Navani got a jibe, but instead of insulting Dalinar he warned him about the rumors instead. Dalinar doesn’t seem to actually like Wit, so it isn’t out of friendship or anything. I’m pretty sure I liked Wit right off the bat on my first read, but I’m not sure what I made of this. Bs pbhefr, Jvg orvat erirnyrq nf Ubvq tbrf n ybat jnl gb rkcynva jul.

Speaking of Navani, we get introduced to her character here for the first time. Dalinar is clearly uncomfortable around her, and implies that it’s because she chose his brother over him and that he still has feelngs for her, despite (or perhaps even because) of his inability to remember his wife. V qba'g guvax gurer'f rabhtu gb guvf puncgre gb erirny gung fur npghnyyl ergheaf gubfr srryvatf, gubhtu ure nterffvirarff gbjneqf uvz naq synhagvat bs Nyrguv fbpvny cebgbpby ner bhe svefg uvagf. We also get our first hints that Dalinar himself was responsible for his amnesia regarding his wife. He states that it was his "foolishness" that led to the loss of memory. Juvyr vg fgvyy pbhyq unir unq n zhaqnar pnhfr (urnq genhzn, be fbzrguvat), V'z cerggl fher guvf vf jurer V svezyl pnzr qbja ba gurer orvat n fhcreangheny rkcynangvba.

Finally, we get Sadeas outmaneuvering Dalinar and getting himself declared Highprince of Information. Dalinar might be an expert on the battlefield, but when it comes to politics Sadeas can run circles around him. Clearly so can Navani, as she immediately realizes what the appointment means when Dalinar explains about the cut strap. Maybe she can help in out in the politics department, if he’s willing to listen to her.

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Chapter 21 – Why Men Lie

So Team Kaladin now numbers three (well, four if you include Syl). It’s about time that Kaladin finally got some of the other bridgemen firmly on his side. Rock and Teft are two of the core members of Bridge Four, and two of my favorite supporting characters in the series.

I wonder if the order to withhold food from the injured bridgemen actually came from Sadeas himself, or if it was just Lamaril saying so. It’s the sort of thing I could see Sadeas doing, but I doubt that something as trivial as three non-quite-dead bridgemen would have made it all the way up the chain of command to the Highprince himself. Regardless, the casual cruelty of it fits with the MO of Sadeas’s army.

There’s a nice interesting tidbit here where we learn that Rock can see Syl. He explains it with a term from his language, which he doesn’t translate for Kaladin, so it’s unclear whether this is an ability all Horneaters have or if there’s something special about Rock himself. V oryvrir vg'f gur ynggre, ohg V qba'g erzrzore sbe fher.

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The Stormlight Re-Read

This week: Way of Kings, chapters 21-23

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Chapter 20 – Scarlet

This is a really short chapter, but I think it’s a really important one. The young Kal loses a patient – what’s implied to be, by happenstance, his first solo surgery attempt – and has to be consoled by his father. But I think that the advice that Lirin tries to give him outlines one of his central conflicts throughout the book so far: when to care, and when to let go. Vg'f fbzrguvat gung ur'f fgvyy fgehttyvat jvgu guebhtu gur raq bs Bnguoevatre, rfcrpvnyyl va gur jnxr bs uvf snvyher gb cerirag Ryubxne'f qrngu. Jvgubhg fcrpvsvp fcbvyref, V'yy nyfb fnl gung vg'f fbzrguvat gung'f svthevat qverpgyl vagb gur bcravat puncgref bs Eulguz bs Jne nf jryy. V'z irel pbasvqrag va zl oryvrs gung uvf arkg Vqrny, gur bar gung jvyy rnea uvz uvf Funeqcyngr, jvyy unir fbzrguvat gb qb jvgu uvz yrneavat gb yrg tb.

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Chapter 19 – Starfalls

I can’t say much about this chapter without getting into knowledge from later/future books, so I’m just going to rot13 everything.

Svefg, yrg'f ybbx ng jura guvf vf gnxvat cynpr. Bar bs gur Enqvnagf fnlf gung guvf vf gur Rvtugu Rcbpu, naq gurer'f zragvba bs na hcpbzvat Qrfbyngvba. Gung chgf vg qhevat gur "Urenyqvp Rcbpuf", orsber Nunevrgvnz, ohg nsgre Abunqba jebgr Gur Jnl bs Xvatf (fvapr gur Enqvnagf hfrq uvf grnpuvatf nf n thvqr). Fvapr gur grez "rcbpu" jnf hfrq gb qryvarngr gur gvzrf orgjrra Qrfbyngvbaf, jr pna nffhzr gung guvf vf eryngviryl rneyl va gur plpyr, jura gurer jnf fgvyy ybat crevbqf bs gvzr orgjrra rnpu Qrfbyngvba. Gung nyfb gryyf hf gung Abunqba yvxryl yvirq qhevat bar bs gur svefg pbhcyr Qrfbyngvbaf.

Nf sbe gur Enqvnagf gurzfryirf, guvf vf bhe svefg ybbx ng yvivat Funeqcyngr - fbzrguvat jr fgvyy unira'g npghnyyl frra bhgfvqr bs Qnyvane'f ivfvbaf. V'z nffhzvat gung gur tylcuf gung gurl tybj jvgu pbeerfcbaq gb rnpu beqre naq gurve cnegvphyne jbeqf, gubhtu V unir ab jnl bs xabjvat hagvy jr trg gb gung cbvag jvgu bar bs bhe pheerag Enqvnagf. V'z fhecevfrq gung Qnyvane sbphfrf zber ba gur nezbe guna ur qbrf gur Oynqrf, nf zbfg Funeqoynqrf ner havdhr rabhtu gb zrevg n shyy qrfpevcgvba va gur grkg.

V yvxr gur jrveqarff bs gur Zvqavtug Rffrapr nf n zbafgre. Gurl erzvaqrq zr n ybg bs n Q&Q qvfcynpre ornfg, bayl jvgubhg gur gragnpyrf. Gurl'er nyfb bhe svefg, nyorvg boyvdhr, ersrerapr gb gur Haznqr va gur frevrf, nf jr'yy yngre yrnea gung gurl'er n cebqhpg bs Er-Furcuve gur Zvqavtug Zbgure. V jbaqre jurer fur tbg gur vqrn sbe gurfr perngherf, gubhtu. Nyy bs ure perngvbaf va Hevguveh jrer cnggrearq bss bs gur uhznaf yvivat gurer. Jrer gurfr cnggrearq bss bs nkrubhaqf be juvgrfcvarf, znlor?

Svanyyl, juvyr svtugvat va gur ivfvba Qnyvane srryf gur Guevyy. Jnf guvf orpnhfr ur jnf ernyyl fgvyy va gur Funggrerq Cynvaf, jurer Aretnbhy pbhyq fgvyy nssrpg uvz? Be jnf gur Haznqr cerfrag va Angnangna qhevat gur gvzr crevbq bs gur ivfvba?

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Chapter 18 – Highprince of War

This chapter is another one that’s mostly talk and exposition, though there is a brief burst of action at the end as Dalinar races the highstorm home (I’ve done that exact thing with a regular thunderstorm during my hour commute home on more than one occasion). We get a little bit of progress on the saddle front – it was indeed cut, but whether it was accidental or intentional is still unknown – as well as a lot more about the ardents and Vorinism.

Despite the fact that I mostly find Alethkar’s strict male/female and lighteyes/darkeyes caste systems to be garbage, I’m interested that their religion seems to be almost entirely focused on personal devotion as opposed to open, group worship. There’s a bit of background for why that might have arisen, with the story of Hierocracy and the fall of their previous religion. But it’s rare to find a fantasy religion that’s so inwardly focused. Even if, like everything else in Alethi society, it is extremely rigid. It seems that most people pick a Calling early in life and rarely ever change it, which implies little social mobility. Where you are is where you stay. Kadash, the ardent that Adolin speaks to, is considered highly unusual for leaving his Calling of being a soldier (which they consider to be the highest Calling), and joining the ardentia. Jr'yy yrnea rknpgyl jung yrq gb gung va bar bs Bnguoevatre'f zbfg ubeevslvat puncgref.

Other than that, I don’t have a lot to say about this chapter. It’s mostly setup and exposition, without a lot of forward plot momentum. I’m much more interested to get to the next one.

Npghnyyl, V qb unir bar zber guvat. Qnyvane jbaqref ubj gur Cnefuraqv tbg gurve Funeqf, naq gung'f fbzrguvat gung V jbaqre zlfrys. Gur yvfgraref nffhzrq qhyysbez va na nggrzcg gb rfpncr sebz Bqvhz, naq unq cerggl zhpu ab pbagnpg jvgu uhznaf hagvy gur rkcrqvgvba yrq ol Tnivyne vagb gur Hapynvzrq Uvyyf. Gurl jbhyq unir qbar fb orsber gur Snyfr Qrfbyngvba, va juvpu gur fvatref ybfg gurve Pbaarpgvba naq orpnzr gur cnefuzra, naq gurersber orsber gur Erpernapr. Fb ubj qvq gurl trg Funeqf? Jrer gurer fvatre Enqvnagf qhevat gur Erpernapr?

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The Stormlight Re-Read

This week: Way of Kings, chapters 18-20

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Chapter 17 – A Bloody, Red Sunset

Another Kaladin chapter, another mood whiplash. We go from the rather light apothecary scene, with Syl’s comments about him being a decayspren in disguise and his clear affectation of being a wizened old mystic in order to dupe his customers, right into a bridge run with some rather graphic descriptions of battlefield trauma and field surgery. We’d heard that he was a surgeon’s apprentice, of course, and had a flashback scene with him assisting his father. But this is our first good look at just how much of the training he’d managed to absorb, and how effective he can be as a surgeon in his own right.

The bridge-running scenes are rather brutal, even more so than the first bridge run we witnessed in part one. In that one, Kaladin didn’t know what was going on, and was too much in shock to really observe what was happening around him. Here, he’s learned quite a bit more about how and why the bridge runs function. That makes his decision to trade places with Rock (a decision which almost certainly saved Rock’s life) all the more remarkable. Even more remarkable is Kaladin’s own survival in that spot, though there are definite hints that something is up about that: the odd reaction from the Parshendi archers that is never remarked upon again, another sudden surge of strength like when he’d been exercising, and the unexpectedly dun sphere. Fvapr gur ynfg gvzr jr'q frra fbzrbar npghnyyl qenj ba Fgbezyvtug bcrayl jnf nyy gur jnl onpx va gur Cebybthr, guvf bar vf cebonoyl rnfl sbe gur svefg gvzr ernqre gb oybj cnfg, rfcrpvnyyl vs gurl'er ernqvat dhvpxyl. Ubjrire, jvgu nal fbeg bs pnershy ernqguebhtu vg fgnaqf bhg yvxr n ornpba gung Xnynqva zhfg unir qbar jung Fmrgu qvq onpx gura.

In addition to saving Rock’s life by trading places with him, Kaladin also managed to save the lives of Leyten and Hobber. Doing so seems to have earned him the respect, if not yet loyalty, of several of the other bridgemen, notably Teft. We also get a cryptic pronouncement from one of the dying bridgemen, which shouldn’t be too hard to connect with the similar statements that we were seeing as the epigraphs at the beginning of every chapter in Part 1. These therefore aren’t old things, but are something that’s actively happening at the time of the main story. V jbaqre rknpgyl jura gurl fgnegrq, nf vg frrzf yvxr guvf vf gur svefg gvzr gung Xnynqva'f rkcrevraprq gurz, naq ur'f ab fgenatre gb qrngu ba gur onggyrsvryq.

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Chapter 16 – Cocoons

Another flashback chapter. This time, we learn a lot more about young Kal’s relationship to his brother Tien and the other people who live in Hearthstone. He’s got a bit of a crush on Laral, the daughter of the citylord, who seems to have a lot more ambition for Kal than he does for himself. Other than that, it’s pretty heavily implied that Kal’s only real friend is his brother Tien. It’s also pretty apparent even at this age that Kal has a tendency towards depressive episodes. There’s talk of the black moods that he gets into, that only Tien can seem to bring him out of.

Gurer'f nyfb n ybg bs sberfunqbjvat nobhg Xnynqva jvaavat gur Funeqoynqr urer. Nyy bs gur gnyx nobhg n qnexrlrf - rira n fynir - orpbzvat n yvtugrlrf ol jvaavat n Oynqr, nf jryy nf gur bar obl'f vafvfgrapr gung uvf sngure unq ernyyl jba n Oynqr ohg unq vg gnxra njnl sebz uvz ol fbzrbar ryfr.

During the fight scene, when Kal feels the excitement of holding a quarterstaff. Is that his first experience of the Thrill that Dalinar talked about in his POV, or is it something else? Jr'ir frra fcera obaq lbhat vaqvivqhnyf (v.r. Yvsg) orsber, fb jnf Fly jvgu uvz rira onpx gura?

We also receive word that Brightlord Wistiow, Laral’s father, has died and left a small fortune of spheres for Kaladin’s education. Guvf qrngu, naq uvf sngure'f gursg-ol-sbetrq-jvyy bs gur fcurerf, jvyy or bar bs gur znva pngnylfgf gung jvyy frg Xnynqva ba gur cngu bs orpbzvat n Enqvnag. Juvyr V guvax gurer'f n punapr gung ur jbhyq unir qrpvqrq gb eha njnl naq wbva gur nezl naljnl, Gvra nyzbfg pregnvayl jbhyqa'g unir, naq V qba'g xabj vs Xnynqva jbhyq unir nggenpgrq Fly va gur svefg cynpr jvgubhg gung.