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[minor expectation spoilers for the very beginning of the Wheel of Time]

First off, this book has two prologues. Well, a "prologue" and a "prelude". Which seems a little excessive, unless you think of it as an introduction to the entire 10-book series that is the Stormlight Archive, and then the intro to this specific book. Still, I think it's going to throw some readers a bit. Did that happen to anyone else?

Anyway, the scene is very atmospheric, but doesn't really explain much about what the heck is going on during it. Sanderson leaves the reader to piece it together from context clues and info you get later in the book. It's a lot like the prologue in the first book of the Wheel of Time in that way (which I'm sure was an inspiration for Sanderson). V'z cerggl fher gung zbfg ernqref jvyy unir n qrprag vqrn bs jung unccrarq urer ol gur raq bs Gur Jnl bs Xvatf, jura Gnya svanyyl fubjf onpx hc

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The Spoils Stormlight Archive (Re) Read

Last week a couple of us discussed having a Spoils read/re-read of Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive books, in prep for the fourth book Rhythm of War coming out this fall. Anyone is welcome to join in if they'd like. I'll be keeping any spoilers for future developments past each week's reading in rot13, so it will be (hopefully) safe for any new readers as well as Cosmere veterans.

For this week, I was thinking we could do just the prologues (there are technically two) and the first two chapters of The Way of Kings. It's pretty short notice, and people might need to see about obtaining the book so they can follow along.

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Since the prologue's decently long, maybe the prologue and first two chapters then, especially given that it's Sunday night on short notice for the week? [spoilers through Ch. 3] Rfcrpvnyyl tvira gung jr unir gur pbagenfg bs gur svefg gjb Xnynqva puncgref orsber jr obhapr bire gb Xuneoenagu naq Funyyna

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Maybe say through chapter 5 for the first week? And since we might have people who haven't read it joining us, all spoilers past where we're at in rot13?

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Excellent! Anyone else interested? And any opinions on how much we should try to do a week?

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Hmm...anyone want to do a Stormlight book read-through here? I'd definitely be interested in discussing it with people

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I'm about to start my re-read of the Stormlight Archive in anticipation of book 4 coming out later this year. I started Ruin of Kings (not to be confused with Way of Kings) right before the lockdowns started, and unfortunately haven't gotten back to it since. But the first half was really good, at least.

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I played the heck out of Morrowind back when it first came out. Probably put over 100 hours into the game. But I haven't played it in the decade and a half since, so I'm not sure how it holds up compared to more recent Elder Scrolls games like Skyrim or ESO

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Abg bayl vf vg gehr, ohg lbh pna nyfb orpbzr n jrerjbys! Gubhtu V oryvrir obgu erdhver bar bs gur rkcnafvbaf

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I haven't seen the stage version since 2002, so I can't comment on it accurately