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No Stormlight Archive re-read this week. Not only am I still recovering from reading all of Rhythm of War in about a day and a half, but this week is both the American Thanksgiving holiday AND the release week for Warcraft's Shadowlands expansion. I'll be back next week.

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[Post RoW note - full spoilers, be aware]: Eulguz bs Jne pbasvezf gung guvf vf fbzrguvat gung gur Fgbezsngure pna qb gb crbcyr jvgu rabhtu Vairfgvgher, naq va snpg vgf hfr vf pehpvny sbe gur obbx'f pyvznk.

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Chapter 46 – Child of Tanavast

Kaladin has quite the interesting vision to open up this chapter. In addition to seeing Szeth, we have a mysterious voice speaking to him. And he’s been apparently talking and walking in his sleep during the highstorm. It’s pretty obvious to me that we’re meant to understand that this vision is coming from the same source as Dalinar’s. However, unlike his visions, this one seems to be taking place in the present, given Szeth’s appearance in it. We also get a name, for I believe the first time: Odium. A name that Syl has a rather immediate bad reaction to. Jnf guvf gur svefg bssvpvny zragvba bs Bqvhz ol anzr birenyy va gur Pbfzrer? V qba'g erzrzore Rynagevf naq Zvfgobea Ren 1 rabhtu gb xabj jurgure ur jnf rkcyvpvgyl zragvbarq va gurz.

Speaking of bad reactions, Bridge Four gets a new parshman member, and pretty much no one other than Kaladin takes it well. It remains to be seen what will actually happen once they get out on the Plains with him. Eynva qbrfa'g trg nyy gung zhpu gb qb va guvf obbx, ohg V yvxr uvz va yngre barf.

And finally, our two main Shattered Plains plotlines officially cross paths with each other, as Kaladin meets Adolin. Adolin does have a tendency towards arrogance, and he’s a little flip with Kaladin here. However, Kaladin is also clearly letting his immense prejudice against lighteyes blind him to Adolin’s actions, which were clearly honorable.

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Note: this entry was written before I started Rhythm of War. Now that I've finished it, there's significantly more that I could say about it. However, I'll hold off in deference to those who haven't finished.

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.Chapter 45 – Shadesmar

There’s this meme in the Cosmere fandom of the “Sanderlanche”, the big climax of his novels where everything that’s been building up for hundreds of pages suddenly crescendos. While the technical Sanderlanche of this book is still twenty or so chapters away, I think that this book actually has two. Since Shallan’s plotline is so disconnected from the rest of the book, and she’s not in Part Four at all, her climax actually begins here. And what a chapter it is. Through the first three parts of the novel, this is definitely my favorite chapter so far.

At first, it doesn’t seem to be that much different from previous Shallan chapters. She spends the first half of the (fairly long) chapter talking to Jasnah about her research, and most of the back half of it talking to Kabsal. There’s a fair bit of new, tantalizing information for first-time readers, about the Parshendi, Voidbringers and Urithiru. We finally learn exactly what Urithiru is, for one, as well as have a lengthy discussion as to the possible nature of the Voidbringers. Bs pbhefr, Wnfanu vfa'g ernql gb gvc ure unaq gb Funyyna whfg lrg, fb arj ernqref zvtug or sehfgengrq gung fur chyyf onpx naq qbrfa'g rkcynva rirelguvat urer. Gubhtu V'yy org gur ovttrfg uvag va guvf puncgre er: gur Ibvqoevatref tbrf evtug bire zbfg ernqref' urnqf: V oryvrir gur rcvtenz urer vf gur svefg zragvba bs gur Haznqr.

It's the final section, however, that moves this chapter from interesting discussion to absolutely gripping for me. The symbol-headed creatures are back in Shallan’s drawing, and this time they appear to be pursuing her. In a scene worthy of Stephen King, she retreats back to her rooms, sketching as she goes until the final drawing shows them reaching out for her. And then she’s in a weird place made of beads, and seems to accidentally Soulcast a goblet into blood. Other than Jnaqrefnvy naq gur Gbjre, it’s the sequence that I remembered most from my first read-through of the novel.

V nyfb abgvprq gung gurl fcbxr gb ure vzzrqvngryl nsgre fur svanyyl fgnegrq gb fhzzba ure Funeqoynqr. V nffhzr gung gur bar ernpuvat sbe ure gura jbhyq or Cnggrea?

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Lbh jvyy or jnez ntnva


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Well, I'd already read all of Part 1 through the sample chapters on

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Progress report: got my copy around 7 PM, just finished Part 2

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Chapter 44 – The Weeping

In which Katniss volunteers as Tribute. Wait, wrong series.

Seriously, though, this is a very similar scene to the one in The Hunger Games. I doubt that it’s intentional, though Suzanne Collins’s book did come out a couple of years before The Way of Kings did. And in this version, both of them end up going. Of course, we already know from the current timeline that Kaladin fails in his promise to protect Tien. But we haven’t yet learned how.

V'z nyzbfg cbfvgvir gung V qvqa'g svther bhg gung Gvra jnf n cebgb-Enqvnag ba zl svefg ernq, be rira zl frpbaq. V oryvrir gung Fnaqrefba unf fnvq gung ur jnf tbvat gb or n Yvtugjrnire. Gur fhcre-ernyvfgvp pneirq ubefr urer ornef zber guna n cnffvat erfrzoynapr gb Funyyna'f qenjvat, whfg va n qvssrerag negvfgvp zrqvhz. Guvaxvat nobhg vg, Gvra vf cebonoyl nobhg gur fnzr ntr nf Funyyna, be znlor n lrne be fb byqre. Uvz univat ure Zrzbel novyvgl vzcyvrf gung ur'f nyernql obaqrq n fcera. Jung unccrarq gb vg jura ur qvrq?

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The Stormlight Re-Read

This week: The Way of Kings, chapters 44-46

It's 5 PM, and my copy of Rhythm of War hasn't arrived yet.