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Is this a parody of something? It looks like a parody of something.

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Yeah, we're going to need some Autotune over here.

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We've met so many new friends this year.

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I like the funny little bits they do after the sin total. This is true both for Cinemare Sins and the original. I wish they had full-length videos of those things.

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No, not why she still uses the name, but why she used it in the first place. I imagine the conversation would go something like this:

Me: So, why do you call yourself ILoveKimPossibleALot?

KP: Well, because I love Kim Possible.

Me: *beat* How much?

KP: A lot!

Me: *long beat* I don't get it.

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I would just like to go up to her and ask why she calls herself that.

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Twilight Velvet is going to be a grandmother.

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28: I am seeing double! Four Flufflepuffs!

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I've been playing this game since before I was a brony. I give it my highest recommendation. It is relatively easy to pick up and understand, but the card combinations make for such depth of gameplay and strategy.

Here is the premise. You have a warrior card. It will have a grid pointing to where it can attack (directly in front, to a diagonal, to the side, etc.). You move the warrior until it gets your opponent in its grid. To attack, you each roll two dice. If you're higher, you hit and do damage. If they're higher, it misses and does nothing.

Sounds simple, right? But you have four support cards, one revealing each round, that can give abilities, and your warrior has abilities too. Your attack roll might gain a bonus of +2. Or a damage bonus of +1. You can use a weapon that deals extra damage. Or an armor that allows you to re-roll your defense roll. Or a card that, at a cost of one damage to yourself, allows you to swap your highest die with your opponent's.

Seriously, go play it. It's awesome.

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Not the pony ones. Regular crocs.