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Goodbye, IntenseDebate! We'll see how this Disqus thing will work out.

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Happy New Year, all! :)

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It's not only in the music scene. I think it's just simply the fact that pony's popularity is winding down. The show is still keeping a lot of bronies in the fandom, as well as bringing in new fans in lesser numbers, but it has very much to do with MLP having been the "popular thing" for a while, and then falling from that spot. It was cool and fresh for 2010 through 2013, but for many it appears to have gotten old since then.

That being said, I think content's popularity also has to do with originality and, most of all, just plain luck. For example, the Friendship is Musical thing is one of the most popular, loved and quickly rising things in the fandom in maybe years. And it was just the case of bringing something slightly new to the table, and happening to do it at the right time. It shows there's still life in this fandom.

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If they're mildly saucy, put them behind tags. If they're more than mildly saucy, leave them out. That's what the porn sites are for. Leave it to them.

It'd be nice to at least have one MLP fansite where you don't have to worry about seeing that stuff. We don't need it here.

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I had a feeling there was some sorta fake voting going on. Starlight suddenly started getting a ton of votes, jumping from third place to first. But in all honesty, I don't mind any of these characters winning. This season had so many cute, new awesome ones. Though I do wish Minuette got more votes. If it were up to me, I'd place her, Moon Dancer, Coloratura and Starlight all at number 1. :)

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It would be really interesting to see how the rest of the channel's shows are doing. We could determine whether it's just pony that's losing viewers, or is it the same for every show. That would show us if people are losing interest in watching pony itself, or if Discovery Family is just doing really poorly.

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That first one actually made me cry pretty hard.

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I'm really bad at picking favourites. I like all the episodes the show has, to a point at least. This season is especially difficult, cause I feel like every episode stands out in their own way.

However, if I had to pick a few favourites, I'd have to go with Slice of Life, Amending Fences, Crusaders of the Lost Mark, Scare Master, The Mane Attraction, and of course the premiere and the finale.

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Happy Applejack Day, all! :)

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Some people complain that Starlight Glimmer didn't have enough of a reasoning for what she did, and for those people I say, look at the real world. There are people in real life who would be willing to destroy the entire world for much lesser reasons.

Losing a friend can be really traumatising, especially if you are of a certain personality. In the show, we saw with Moon Dancer how it can effect you, but Moon Dancer ended up getting friends in the end. But Starlight wasn't that lucky. Nopony ever came to her aid when she most needed it, and she never ended up making another friend, after losing that one. It eventually lead her to the insane belief that cutie marks are evil, when in reality it was just the case of her being treated very badly by the only friend she thought she ever had.