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<p style="color: #A0A0A8;">

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Not all, but most modern cameras insert EXIF-data when you snap the picture.

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I still wouldn't use you as an expert witness if I were to deliver a report on global warming. I don't think you're uneducated, it's just that you don't have the formal papers I'd like you to have if you were to be used as my expert witness on something. It would hurt my credibility.

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I'm using Wordpress

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Njet, it's not true.

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No, sorry, I can't help you there. I don't think you're supposed to alter exif data, as they're supposed to be written by the camera. You can however modify the iptc data, although I can't help you with that either as I'm not really using PHP anymore.


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This is also why I stopped hunting for updates. TextMate is by far still the best text editor, and I've learned to live with some of the shortcommings and quirks.
When 2.x is out, I'll definitely upgrade asap, but for now I'll just wait patiently.

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I think my speculation failed miserably.
Unfortunately I'm not that actively chasing latest TextMate news anymore, so I can't give any new estimate either.

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No, I haven't.
And in fact I have a new macbook pro on its way as we speak :)

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Sounds great, but we Win 7 is still running happily on the laptop, so we'll stick to that. It's a good site to know of though, re-install of windows machines isn't that rare unfortunately.