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Very nice. Simple to the point.

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For me, as Twitter is almost the bellweather of Social Media Retail (man on the street), GetSatisfaction is for me the Bellweather of E2.0 (surprise). And they still "have to crack it", IMHO. But is the business model innovation there that is compelling, not the technology, as you point out.

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"Liddle Ireland is dead and gone, its with o'leary at the grave" (or shannon airport, dublin airport, the old dell plant, where ever you care to stock your tins.

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Right, will keep that review in mind next time I pass the book shelves :)

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Great find. And yes, a real problem. Looking forward to digging in.

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Oh thanks for that link. Love that book. As they say, for every problem there is a simple and elegant answer, which is inevitably wrong.

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Totally Agree. The only issue might be would others "block adobe" if it was owned by Apple?

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Yip. Brilliant. Pity we didn't see more of this guy during the campaign. That guy has timing.

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I guess the "look and feel" of the OS is what you are talking about here: but is there any distinct functionality that would make you go, I have to have an apple, because only apple can do that? (seriously, I'd like to know!)

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I have been hovering, hovering, hovering over the purchase of an Apple Pro. When compared against the Dell or Acer I don't seem to come out well on any of the "utility or power" factors. Apple is selling "cool" IMHO. Brining down the price, just brings down the price of the cool. I agree that the pricing issue will come more to the fore now with the downturn.