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Don't they receive a 'special' gargantuan rate of benefit automatically before citizenship is even processeded? I suspect so. Make them stump up out of that. These swines are drawing telephone numbers of benefit each week and we all know it's the case and hushed up so at least let them fund their own decisions against the state that feeds them (and their huge broods) with the same lot of money. They have their accommodation furnished, ready for them-now they get legal priority to fund their deceit and likely fraudulent activities once they get their feet under the table. Time to put the squeeze on this stupid waste.

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Tow the government line. That's what I believe most judges do. Which goes a long way to pre-determining the outcome of certain criminal and family court hearings before those whose lives are set in stone to be changed have even entered the building. I'm surprised there's even the old John Deed 'buck the trend' example still around who's unafraid of being black balled or ousted off the circuit their peers ( for that, include Government) . How damning that it's proven they follow liberalist guidelined in playing with people's lives as well as blackening the name of a proper judge who's only spoken his mind. The Thought Police are at work again...

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It is all too easy. We need our armed forces shoring up OUR airports and major transport stations to give an instant deterrent. Let's show these criminally indoctrinated followers of evil we mean business and won't hesitate to leave them where we find them should they threaten the safe travel and business of our citizens. The way it's heading that's how we'll end up anyway so it would be reassuring to have armed soldiers in numbers where it counts. Highest profile. If you pose no threat you have no fear.

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Quite right. Him and his wife are among the biggest fiddlers in the house.

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Stealing the taxes everyday folks leave behind......I'm with you now!!!

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i'd like to know what Balls has done in the last 12 months for Morley. What is his strategy for the looming general election? With nothing left to fight on he will no doubt round on the BNP as a result of voters deserting Labour in droves nationwide. Mr. Beverley may well be surprised at the volume of support on the campaign, as I can envisage will most BNP councillors. It seems a lifetime ago this country reluctantly re-elected this government in-what has changed and the political shift in mindset among the general public in those 5 years is what has me excited about next year. If Nick Griffin is correct, in around 12 weeks the likes of Ed Balls may well be given their marching orders in their former strongholds. Good luck Chris-keep the message voiciferous all the way. To Balls and his corrupt, idle brethren? GOOD BYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE...

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Undoubtedly this, the most serious of the lot, will be one of umpteen infectious diseases and germs that are not screened for when these freeloaders are bussed in in their droves to the borders. 'Authority' in Britain is too fearful of causing upset or 'offence' to implement stringent health checks on immigrants. Of course they will give us a load of old flannel about how they control entry etc, but only fools would be reassured by anything we are fed by Brown's loonie brigade. Illegals or not, it'd make no difference in terms of the validity of these people's health living in our land. Keep them all at arms length is what I say.

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And how many lost talents will be omitted with those 10,000 places that desperate businesses say they cannot find? Does anybody in the main voting public actually care? Not really, because they're too busy with their own self-centred existence, watching text-vote reality T.V and losing theirselves in their online 'network of friends' to realise what is going wrong with their country. Every major setback and significant problem the U.K faces is not the problem of these voters. Sure enough, they were the ones that voted in the party that is slashing education budgets. So much for the three "Educations". Where's that famous Blair quote now?

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We've gone from creaking under the strain to sinking quickly. How do this shambolic administration propose they meet the next lot of targets set them if they are being swamped by patients whose medical history and disease and germ carrying possibility they haven't a clue about? This is exposing us to risk in our own hospitals and needlessly burdening our most valued public service. What will Cameron care, being the next presumed in charge?

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No doubt 'Estuary English' is the obligatory white language of choice, barring a few dismayed, frustrated exceptions. You have to worry about the social implications - how do schools cope with that burden so they can deliver a reasonable education to our children? Not to mention the NHS, Police, employers and so forth. This is worsening and gaining a stronghold in the U.K. Frightening.