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Nothing offensive! Nothing blue! I love the English language.

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It is of great interest to me that out of forty million black men and women who were born in the US, whose family were brought to the US as slaves, not one of them was deemed for to stand as Presidential candidate.
Nope, only a Kenyan Born, British citizen, son of a African Chieftain, who is quarter black quarter Arab half white, adopted by an Indonesian, was a Muslim, is now a 'christian' of some type, whose mother was a signed up communist, who is related to HM QEII, George Bush, Dick Chaney blah blah blah , was the only one fit to be a Presidential candidate. Out of forty million US black men and women. for the moves against Obama, who is not a US citizen.

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Collapse of Civilisation + Bread and Circuses = a fe2w more years of power for the elites. Never mind - the Barbarians are at the gate, only a few years to go.

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Each and every time the underhand games of the left are exposed to the light of publicity, a few more people are enlightened.

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In the circles within which I moved at the periphery of at one time, Larry O'Hara was popularly known as Larry O'Looney: a complete lunatic, who needs quiet peace and most certainly iii Tamazepam 50mg QDS. Even his supporters admit that he fails to fire on all cylinders.

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They have halved the size of my bin - from 240 litre to 120 litre. So, to do my bit for the evironment, I am now burning what I can't crush in the bin. I'm lucky to be able to do so: the rats, I guess will do well from the dumped refuse bags on the estate I live on in the next few months....

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Each time this happens I'm going to drop off a cheque to the BNP for £10, until I reach £190. Then I shall purchase books etc to the value of £1000, at £10 or so a time. And then ID magazines up to £10 to leave with people for free, etc. The more they do it the more I shall reply.

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Thankyou for these Simon. I was interested by the unabashed, blatant bias on radio 5 Live. They can't accept that the BNP have gained the votes of millions of ordinary, plain, good-hearted British people.

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I thought of you when I saw the story in the Telegraph!

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