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I agree! Good posts!

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Ain't you tired, Miss Debbie? Ain't you tired?

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No, he shouldn't drop out. He's the best candidate to put up against Obama, and the only one who will be able to actually do something about our horrible malaise once in office. Keep going, Newt!

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Not this tea partier. I want Newt.

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Are you still drinking that Koolaid? Turns out Jackie has never had cancer. Just had a common fibroid removed. And Marianne never had MS, just a tingling nerve in her right hand that the doctor said could have been a temporary reaction to a virus and treated with steroids for two weeks with no further treatment. Jackie had a relationship with her 16 year old student. Marianne cleaned out the house and left for six years, neither one were victims. Newt has apologized and sought forgiveness for his part in those failed relationships, and I haven't heard him say a single word against either one this whole campaign. His 11-year marriage to his wife Callista may have started out on the wrong foot, but he has set right what he can and they treat each other with obvious kindness and care. If you've never done anything idiotic that you later regretted, or hurt someone, or failed at anything, then I suppose you should throw stones. But I suspect that just like all of us, you're guilty of just as much in your own history.

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One thing I like about Newt: He looks at the shades of gray in the various arguments and discussions, as opposed to the visceral blanket condemnations so many people throw out as a first response. He sees that there are good and bad parts of every argument, and is willing to accept and talk about the good, even while not espousing the bad. That's why he can say he likes FDR and others, not because he agrees with everything they've ever done or sides with them on issues, but because there are pieces of what they've done that he rightly admires. Unfortunately, people opposed to him use that to paint him as on the wrong side when he's not at all. The interesting thing is, there will often be a big howl about something he said that they don't like, and then a week later, when they've calmed down and everyone has had a chance to discuss things, you'll hear, "Actually, Newt was right about that."

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Yes, since his skills, talents, experience are in politics, having been speaker of the house and a congressman, it makes sense that his business would be built around those skills, talents, and experience. Should he have opened an auto parts store instead?

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Deleted--I accidently down thumbed you, sorry about that! I totally agree with you and appreciate your post.

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You mean like Jackie, who had a benign fibroid removed and who does not have and has never had cancer, or like Marianne, who experienced a tingling nerve in her right hand, was given steroids for two weeks and no further treatment, who does not have and never had MS? Neither woman was ever ill with something horrible.

Jackie was a teacher who got involved with her 16 year old student. Marianne cleaned out the house while Newt was away and split for six years. Neither of them are innocent victims.

You weren't there, you don't know what happened or who did what. I haven't heard Newt say a single mean thing about either one of them this whole campaign, except to deny Marianne's allegations, and I think that is both unusual and admirable. If he were trying to defend himself about those relationships or how he conducted them, I'd have a problem with him, but he's admitted his failings and asked forgiveness, and he's set right what he could. His marriage to Callista may have started off wrong but they are caring and considerate of each other and I'm glad he's finally happy. I'm divorced myself, although I think divorce is not right, and I got pregnant as a teen, and did a whole lot of other idiotic things, as you and everyone else on this planet did in some degree or another. But that doesn't disqualify any of us from using our skills and talents to work for what we're passionate about.

If you want to oppose Newt, do it with some integrity and find real issues to talk about.

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Newt is absolutely right on this one and it makes sense. America needs projects to feel optimistic and energized about--especially our young people. They need to feel hopeful and purposeful about our country and its goals and ambitions--and they need REAL hope, based on difficult work being done successfullly done and compelling things accomplished, not just vague and empty rhetoric.

Newt is not proposing having the government initiate a new government project--he's talking about taking some of the money we are already pumping into NASA and using it instead to give civilian American engineers and technicians and scientists incentives to come up with innovative commercially and financially feasible projects that use space as a resource. Competitions like that have been effective in the past to bring new ideas and technologies to light and encourage ambition and investment and could do so again.

Inviting competition and forward thinking in the private sector is a great thing and would do a lot toward pulling America out of the horrible malaise Obama has brought us to.