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Since when did this place get so tolerant of bad language and general mean-spirited comments. Or is this just specific to EQG posts.

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I was joking about the troll thing, I never actually insulted anyone on the internet, nor do I enjoy causing pain to others. I'm actually taking this to the extreme, not even fighting back in a street fight, but choosing to find a different way out of the situation. So even though I was hardened by my internet/ real-life experiences, I didn't succumb to hatred, ignorance, violence. It actually made me more lighthearthed and appreciative of life, in a way.

Finally, I too hope that some day humanity will ascend to a new level of collective awareness, morality etc. and that we'll be able to learn from our past mistakes and make appropriate changes.

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Reality is a looooooooooooooooong way from your idealistic/ utopian viewpoint of society. I'm not saying any kind of violence is acceptable (though it did make for some good natural selection), but the world still shows little mercy to those who can't adapt to it's current ways, be they painful or not.

It's a mistake to excessively shield yourself or others from the most trivial of offences, as at some point someone will undoubtedly "offend" you (not you; generally speaking) way beyond your safe-zone and possibly cause permanent damage. That's why callousness and a "thick skin" do have their perks these days, used defensively of course.

That being said I had to go to the comments to realize people were actually taking this seriously instead of dismissing it as quirky humor, meant to evoke a few laughs and nothing else. I guess the internet changed me into some heartless trigger-happy troll.

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I'm almost positive that's just harmless self-irony, coming from youtube brony staffers.

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What Twilight lacks in physical ability she compensates in knowledge. Vice versa with Rainbow dash. Twilight is inclined towards introversion, Rainbow towards extroversion. Twilight is calculated, organised and plans ahead, while RD is impulsive and bold. They are both quite dominant and adventurous, in their respective way, complementing each other. These and many other reasons are why I think their chemistry works.

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#34 haha how familiar

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Sadly, the way humans have disconnected themselves from this primordial awareness has to do with the overload of useless information society tends to throw at us. It's not the fault of one individual, but either a error-ridden system perpetuated for the sake of convenience. So this high horse is barely a defense mechanism against nature itself, from which we think we have become separated and thus began to fear. Yet I see it as the next step in adaptation ( not evolution ), a new way in which nature defines itself. Time will tell if this path will endure, or end up destroying itself (and others with it).

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I smell sound logic right there

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If it's not a face tattoo, I'm up for it. If there's one thing that I'll always cherish as a wonderful memory, it has to be the years I've spent as a brony.

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#23 Dark Souls? Dark Souls ...... damn I couldn't even finish it