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Great topic and a too often under-appreciated genre.. Gotta consider John Barry and Ennio Morricone here though. Barry's "Body Heat" and "Out of Africa" are among the best. Morricone's work was worthy of YoYo Ma's talents, despite not getting nearly enough respect because of the 'spaghetti western' work. So many good ones to choose from....

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That ad was very carefully crafted to be pro-America, not partisan or political. I didn't see the supposed Obama endorsement that people were buzzing about, and I'm very glad Clint -- who has always leaned to the Right -- has put the issue to rest.

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It's all in the voice. Without that, he's got little. Great voice.

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Thanks for saving me from going to see "Paris." After the Oscar nomination, I was thinking maybe the old magic of Annie Hall was back. Too bad he can't resist insulting large blocks of his former fans.

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You left 'scrubbing' off their list of core competencies.

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The same fate awaits General Motors eventually, and is deserved. Without a taxpayer funded bailout and an illegal haircut for the bondholders/shareholders to favor the unions, it would already have occurred.

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Let them have South America as long as we can purge them out of the USA. I'll bet they see the writing on the wall for that scenario.

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Totally insidious and so blatantly ideologically driven. The Hitler Youth started this way, you know. Have to keep shining the spotlight on these people so they scurry back into the dark where they belong.

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NY Times is no longer credible as a newspaper OR a viable business model. There is an agenda to almost every square inch that they print. They can't be trusted to be accurate or truthful. Or to make money for their shareholders. Period.

Behind that impressive new building facade lie marxist / socialists editors and at best, college-level reporters with no real world experience and little depth of knowledge. Tragic.

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Everyone is up in arms about the Halloween party cover up today, but I think one of this administration's best cover ups is Valerie Jarrett's background. She hasn't been vetted at all, but if she were, I think there would be outrage. I do hope the RNC makes her an issue in the election.