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On the subject of shunning doubtful food outlets I recently carried out a successful campaign against a non Muslim shop selling Halal sweets. After much research I discovered that much of the gelatin used in the manufacture of Halal products comes in fact from so called 'bovine or non porcine sources' in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Now I would never choose to eat anything originating from these countries on health grounds let alone tactical ones, so beware. Do not purchase anything containing 'BOVINE OR NON PORCINE GELATIN' because God alone knows how the contributing animals were slaughtered. (Road kill comes to mind). Just look at a few of your favorite jelly or gum packets. YOU will be horrified at what we are being force fed. These countries do not adhere to our rules regarding BSE, and we here are not allowed to process beef sinews and cartilage because of the dangers.
This is not scaremongering. It is the plain honest truth.

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My family name is Greenberg. Careful what you say brother. These people are a disgrace to their heritage. In demonising the Jews you show the worst taint in nationalism. If you lost that old fashioned ideology you might have a voice. Otherwise 'shut up' about anti jewishness mate. I am a BNP activist, Jewish and British. So solly you poor excuse are not welcome here.

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Yes, but the problem is that most people have not set their alarm buttons, and the others are sleepwalking through it all.

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Those two pretty boy PC's behind him are typical of the police that we have now. Anyone who belives this bunkum is a fool, and there are unfortunately millions of those under newlabour, and they are breeding like rabbits.

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David is a gem. I am proud to know him

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I do not think you are at all right. Nick has used this many times as a victory salute, as have many. I know the person who designed this logo and I know what he meant it to mean. It is obvious that the palm is facing forewards.

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I think there will only be Weyman toilets and spitoons

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Turned me into a wobbling jelly, and I am a big rufty tufty.
What bastards could have thought of this travesty.
God bless the Gurkha's

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After Kevin and I stood for County Council election last year our nominees names were published. Several received visits from Plaid representatives. One was an agent and another a candidate. I know who both of these are.
In one incident a Sikh who was my proposer was visited by two scruffy 'heavies' purporting to be journalists. He dealt with them in an appropriate fashion. However the other people were made to feel embarrassed, and to a degree even now fear 'reprisals'. I have complained to the electoral commission who have so far done nothing. I shall now begine the process all over again.
Ladies and Gentlemen this is the true face of Plaid in Wales, and it is not a pretty one.

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Well done Paul. You are a good man and a great speaker. You are certain to progress in this party.
Next time that you come home to West Wales you can sleep in my new 4 poster in posher surroundings. (As long as you turn up before 3am)!!