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It's nice to see you in these parts. Thanks for the comment and I'll see you on Buzz Feed!

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Kyle, Congratulations on the book. It looks like some real blood and sweat went into it. I hope it takes off for you.

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My first advice for clients, mainly restaurants is to have an optimized mobile version of their site. Beyond that, second priority most definitely is to be listed and found on all the major review sites, Yelp, UrbanSpoon and Trip Advisor. iPhone app would be third, but as we both know financially it's not for every restaurant. For the major brands it's is a necessity though. Mobile Marketing via SMS text messaging is another method, but it's not something I personally recommend.

You nailed with it Google Maps/Local search. I think that takes more precedent than anything else. I was not even thinking in SEO terms, but that's a great point, and one that I should of included in this post!



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Andy, I was a loyal Last.fm fan as well. The core difference with Spotify is it's an on demand service. Search for a song or artist and play the track. Last.fm is more of a radio station, and lacks the ability to continually play a track or tracks over again. Spotify is also a downloadable app and there is no buggy flash player to deal with. Spotify lacks on the social sharing components though, where as Last.fm shines in this area.

If I had invites to hand out, you know I would gladly send you one :-)