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Checkpoint in Belmont CA 94002, Sunday May 26 2013 @ El Camino and Oneill (near Ralston)

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We are watching the end of the republic and the start of the police state dictatorship.

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So making ridiculously overpriced housing which has huge carrying costs and taxation to go with it and your solution is to try and further jack up the price? Whats with you and hating the middle class's existence.

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Rest in peace, Andrew Breitbart, may you be received into the kingdom of God in heaven.

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Oh, yeah, Santorum is pro immigration and pro Amnesty.

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RP and Obama are quite different and distinct. Santorum looks like a complete moron for saying rubbish like this.

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Yes, it is a disease. The DSM manual correctly listed homosexuality as a mental disorder until the agents of Satan, the progressives, struck this debilitating disorder from the DSM.

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Yes, but the communists, progressives and socialists are the agents of Satan. When they single out a business which operates within the law, they must be stopped. Being sin free is a choice, accepting Christ is a choice, and without this choice we are slaves to atheist and Satanic police states like the USSR and China.

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You and your queer friends are child molesters and sexual predators and militants against truth, freedom, liberty, God and Christ, Family, the US Constitution and US sovereignty. You are the enemy within. You are seditious traitors and enemies of God and Country. You will be exposed as such. You cannot hide from the burning light of truth, demon.

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The communists tried to tax Jack Daniels 5 million

The radical leftist scum progressive Demon-Cats, the agents of Satan, dont believe in the equal protection of laws. Some are more equal than others, as in, anyone or any business with money must pay more.