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You hit the nail on the head! We have a nation of people, who, largely, are trying to control and regulate their fellow citizens! If this continues - in the end, we will all loose all liberties! Both groups that you mentioned, must have been cut from the same mold!

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Of course, you can be Libertarian and a Christian! Anyone who truly understands the Christian doctrine, realizes, that your Christian faith is between you and (Christ) God! Your Christian walk is as an individual! Some people carry this flawed notion that The Government is the protector of our faith; and therefore, must be the morality police. No Government, or citizen, can get between your walk with Christ! Also, if God gave us free-will, why can't we expect Government to protect our individual liberties?

For more insight, please check out the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, and what Abraham asked God, directly:

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And, JFK, God Bless him, and may he Rest in Peace, gave us through Executive Order, the ability for The Federal Government to unionize! Which, as we all know, is part of what is really screwing us today!

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I agree 100%!

It is time The American people take this union-stranglehold off the kids, and FUTURE, of our country! It is past high-time to empower parents, with their children's educational! I applaud the parents who care enough to stand up against powerful interests, to fight for their children's future!

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Prior to The Reagan Conservative movement, conservatives would have been more Libertarian! It is great to see conservative Americans moving further right, and taking a less government, more freedom approach to our country again!

Hell, you don't have to advocate gay marriage to still appreciate and respect a person's natural right to chose what is good for their life, without feeling like second class citizens! Indeed, these men make a lot of sense, and I proud to call them fellow "conservative" citizens!

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"they are moving out of the country"

I believe, anyone that supports systems (economically-speaking) such as Socialism or Communism, really should consider moving out of The United States. Those systems will not work here; nor will the people, by in large, except them.

The people of The United States have an inherent desire for a fairly limited government, maximum freedoms, and the free-market system of economics, which allows us to freely purchase or not purchase services; and to venture into our own business if we so desire. These are great freedoms that most people will not surrender without a long hard fight.

Therefore, instead of these people of the far-left trying to fight an uphill battle, they may want to consider going somewhere like Europe, to where they can live happily, in a so-called Social Utopia; and let us live our lives. In The U.S., we need LESS government involvement... Much less!

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"Why should Congress pay attention to states' rights"?

Simply put:
It is part of The Constitution... and it is increasingly becoming more of the will of the people.

If it cant be resolved through peaceful elections, then it will eventually be resolved with pitchforks and torches! The Civil War is great historic testimony to this very subject. ...
No rational person wants to go there again, but I see it as an inevitable event if things aren't changed... And sooner, rather then later!

You do however raise a good point:
The 17th Amendment needs to be repealed: as does The 16th Amendment.

Those two alone would bring some well-needed balance back! And would resolve many of these modern issues, peacefully.

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Perhaps the problem is, too many people are still living for, and rooting for The GOP...

How about we start rooting for a return to Republicanism, in The United States!

Jefferson and Madison were spot on!

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Most conservatives are astute enough, economically, to know, lowering or cutting taxes, is the best way, longterm, to get the free-markets going again.

If Scott wants to be a traditional (Jeffersonian) Republican, I am all for it; however, he needs to be fighting for his state, and all states, to meet those principles. We have enough Federalists and Progressives in Congress, as it is.

Therefore, Scott, not only voted for Keynesian economics, but he voted to increase the size and scope of the federal government.

Ending Federal income tax would be the best thing for all of us! Replacing it with a state-administered ONLY tax.

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But herein lies the problem:
I did support Scott Brown, for a variety of reasons, and one is because he often talked about state's rights...

Either Congress has forgotten about, or simply doesn't care about state's rights anymore; and that is a BIG problem! I don't care if MA creates large entitlements in their state; I don't care if Scott Brown is ultra-conservative, socially either; I do however, care, when anyone in Congress votes for the extension of federal power over the states, and increases the "national" debt.

Scott Brown, very simply, could have said, I will vote to cut taxes... period!