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I don't have a cookbook but there is a blog that comes to mind...if you follow Lori Lange of Recipe Girl her son Brooks has had a food blog since he was 10, (Recipe Boy) he is 16 now...he has nice recipes geared for kids...

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OK I tried I really did and mime look nothing like your embroidery...I wish I could send you a picture, they are horrible...yours are so lovely, I will try it again though, practice makes perfect...

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Wow they look stunning...and so simple I think I might be able to pull that off...thank you for sharing...

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do not like that split sink, so many homes that we are looking at for our retirement n NC have that kind of sink in the kitchen...I hate it, so glad that the apron one is ahead.

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I have a confession I voted for the bamboo cause I like the look and the color but I have to agree that the maple is harder...what is moi to do!!!

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well almost 100% for the kitchen items, the only one not ahead was the dining room light that a formal dining room or is that an extension of the kitchen?? I love the backsplash that is ahead, that is really beautiful!!! I want that in my kitchen!!

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WOW love the new cabin cam! Thank you DIY for that really nice tidbit...we get to see it as it is happening...This truly is going to make someone very happy, this place is going to be fantastic...

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Hello all, man I have been out of the loop but I had some time this morning and I said let me check out the surprise by me that they had to replace some major structure things, i thought the whole thing should have been knocked down!!! Man it really was in disrepair....but the guys will work their magic and it will be a heart-breaker again. I LOVE the location and my votes seem to be the most popular sooooo. I will have to bookmark and start joining in on the fun again...m

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Wow I have been gone for so long...but I really love the location of the 2013 home...NC baby!!

Was the winner of the 2012 home a blogger?

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I just LOVE that kitchen, I would not do anything over, it is just perfection, true perfection and that coffee bar with the mantle...I'm just speechless...<3