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Incredible. I'm headed to New York tomorrow, so the shot of the words going in and out of the subway will be something I carry with me on that trip.

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I like the idea that we are all toys. I wish we weren't broken, but that's just the way it is, I guess.

It was great to see you out there, to talk with you in the great hall and at El Jarro. Good times. Good times.
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Dan, you nailed the central problem with blogging. It is disembodied. As such, the feelings of isolation can be even more powerful than they are in regular workplace where many of us already tend to feel isolated--even while we are surrounded by people!

I'm so glad that has been a good experience for you. We certainly love having you on board.

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That is really cool. You've got a great blog here--great title and everything. And a badge for Billy Coffey's new book!

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I'll be interested to see how it looks when you live blog something. Any upcoming plans?

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Belonging to a church is hard. At some point the psuedo-community breaks down, and you have to figure out what it means to be faithful to something larger than yourself.

Church isn't comfortable. God isn't either. That's a hard thing to wrestle with, though.

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Yup, yup. This is what we're trying to help people think about at, too.

I hate to blame the victim, but I think churches feel like a chore to people because they ARE a chore. Too often, they don't feed their community at all. They just feed themselves. When I mow the lawn, I'm doing so because my lawn demands it. I am a slave the growing grass and the neighborhood expectations.

Too often, we go to church because we are slaves to church. We go to keep the institution alive, whether there is life in it or not.

We've got to get back to serving the community. Love God. Love others.

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Your challenge question is really intriguing--best wishes to you and the group. I wish I could drop in.

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Question: when does "total transparency" turn into inappropriate and exhibitionist confession? Surely, we can reserve some piece of ourselves from the public eye.

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Thanks Gordon, I was pretty excited.