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Would people stop harping about the gold standard already?????? Let's look at what happens with a supposedly stable currency based on gold: since money is a way to exchange units of labor and over time, more labor is produced through both work force expansion and automation/efficiency gains, the supply of money must necessarily increase over time at a rate more quickly than any one country can accumulate new gold to back the currency. This means one of 2 things must happen: either massive deflation because much more labor is getting paid for by the same amount of gold, or constant re-valuing of currency against gold as the amount of circulating money necessarily increases to avoid deflation (this is what historically happens). Both of those solutions defeat the stated purpose of having a gold standard. Fiat currencies are therefore necessary because no physical currency has actual value (gold is only worth what one person will pay for it, you can't eat it and it is not essential to life), portability, preservability, and abundance necessary to be a true currency. Therefore, all currency is valued based on the faith in the government backing the currency. The only perceived benefit of a gold standard that makes any sense is that the congress has to take a vote on how to re-value currency against gold. The way to do this with a fiat currency is to abolish the Fed and make congress vote every time they increase the money supply.

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How about Wilson? His wife signed bills with his hand while he was incapacitated! Each of those laws should have been immediately invalidated!

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Well, maybe we can get a candidate who can use his or her whole brain.....

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Unfortunately, incarcerating these people will only allow them to "talk shop" with fellow criminals and emerge with a better strategy. They should all be permanently barred from ever holding any elected or appointed government position ever again.

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The homeless SHOULD sleep in the churches, you know, charity work "blessed are the poor" and all? If the homeless are sent back to the streets in favor of political protesters, then churches have abandoned their mission and have become nothing more than a political organization, and should therefore be stripped of any tax-exempt status.

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Love thy neighbor, Christian style:

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This is commonsense regulation, treat Congresspeople like normal citizens in the eyes of the law, which is a founding constitutional principle, no kings or nobility. The problem is that Congresspeople would have to impose the rules upon themselves.....NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

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One state does not a presidential candidate make. What this should do is be a wake-up call to Perry and Gingrich that their organizations are failing them. I mean, come on, Santorum and Bachmann qualify?? They do not have near the support that Perry or Gingrich do. This means that these 2 candidates have done themselves a disservice by having poor organizations.

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Funny story of the day. The Pope, a.k.a. the "King of Bling" bashes "superficial glitter" during the holidays:

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How about we compare places in the U.S. with wildly different gun control laws. Care to hazard a guess which ones have the higher crime rates (hint: it ain't the cities that ban guns!).