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I think that this is a variation on rule 8 as well.

Written to Durbin and to my own two socialist Senators. "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" pretty much sums things up for me at this time. I'm banging my head on a wall, and will continue to do so. But our system (the people in it) don't seem to understand that it (and they) serve us.

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We'll soon find out! I know it's there, and I have been expecting it since this event occurred. I just want to know the price - the cost of which will be borne later.

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The Senate must pass a bill, but so too does the House. Those two bills would be brought to conference, the differences hashed out, then send to the Darth Barry. I could care less what the House does - they are a lost and extremely partisan crowd. I would watch the Senate very very carefully. Baucus apparently fell under the Dark sides (NO pun intended) evil power by being so enchanted with him that a few days ago he almost stumbled on how eloquntly words fell so sofly yet compellingly form the Great Ones mouth.

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Watch away!
This doesn't frighten me but is saddens me greatly. It is a terrible sign that the dream that was America is sliding, not slipping away. This isn't about the Amateur In Chief - it's about the people who would ever consider surveillance appropriate in a place where the ultimate in our unique freedoms - the right to free speech - should be abridged. I'm no radical, but I know wrong from right. This administration has politicized all debate, vilified the oppostion as well as making it appear childish. Executive branch enforcers who follow that thought - if we get our souls back - will pay through the nose for this. Or we slide off into history as a failed experiment, the dream over.
I don''t want to end this on a dark note - but people had beter amp this up - legally - and get serious about taking back our future as the home of the free.

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When these two were captured, I had posted on here that they would be released and that there would be a quid pro quo.

I'm happy that they are home and safe, but why in hell did they do this utterly stupid stunt in the first place? I'ts termed a "police" state for a reason. Giving clinton the credit for this is asinine, unless further information shows me I'm wring, and i will apologize and eat crow. He flew there to pick them up - someone already knew this deal was struck, so that means there were negotiations we are unaware of. Transparency?

What I'm most concerned about is that Kim Jong Ill has gained from this, both by seemingly acting reasonably ( a departure from his normal routine), by being seen with Clinton - it's the quid pro quo that is haunting me right now - I know it's there.

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Oh my goodness! It's immoral what the insurance companies are doing to stop this govt take over of the entire healthcare industry and the very quality of our lives?

Nancy! I accuse you of extreme immorality, beyond the pale - either in your complete ignorance of what you are doing and how wrong it is in detail and on the whole - or your knowingly obfuscating the facts and using the power of your position to brow beat the Congress in to accepting something that the public of this country does not want.

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As unemployment rises, especially in the insanity of states like California, more people will not be able to pay their mortgages. We're seeing "shoots of green", but without the "water of economic growth (called lower taxe rates both indivudal and corporate) and some fertilizer (fiscally sound and responsible govt) we could avoid some of what I read is coming.

If The first part of this year was the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, what does that mean when things get worse?

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I've watched this hand ringing on Iran's intent to achieve nuclear power ever since it began. The only nations that have nuclear power, and do not possess nuclear weapons CHOSE not to develop them. Anyone who states or debates that this is about energy is either dangerously and stupidly naive, doesn't know the political landscape and realities or is fronting for Iranians.

There is zero linkage with the Palestinians and Irans nuclear program. If a nuclear weapon were employed, what's the utility of the land to any Palestinians who survive said attack? Given the size of Israel, it wouldn't take many of these to render not just it, but good parts of Jordan, Lebanon and Syria and Iraq, or fallout affects turkey/Greece and southern Europe etc. (Prevailing wind patterns)

Tryint to talk Iran out of doing this has gotten us no where, just as it has gotten us no where with North Korea. We didn't stop Pakistan nor India....and talk about a powder keg in that region

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Funny - the headeliner on this page didn't match in any way the contents of this article. In the broader context ..maybe.

I am angry that racial profiling however, showed up in this interview, as it had nothing whatsoever to do with Gates arrest. Neither the call, the response or the actions of Crowley in any way suggest racial profiling. Gates' stupidity, his own biases and lack of self control were entirely his own and led to this "event". This would not be news if it had happened to a caucasian. Any reasonable person, regardless of race must look at this objectively and see that race was not a factor. So why is the media making it one?

And why are we wasting time on this ridiculous non-event?

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It's kind of a shame. Camp David is in a very picturesque spot, it's a couple of hundred very private acres, far from prying eyes, with some pretty incredible facilites and staff. I know that during part of the Clinton years, when he stated that he wasn't going to use the facility,people I know that were assigned there kind of twiddled their thumbs. Eventually, the Clintons started using it and I know they found it a nice place to relax. As did both Bushes.
As for the Amateur in Chief - he may be paying for the vacation home - but we are paying for the Secret Service et al and etc lodgings and other needs. Not any different from past Presidents when it came to just going back to their own homes or "ranches" though. It comes with the position.

As to the extravagant expenditure however? He can't lambast the wealthy and then do what the wealthy do. It's hypocritical.