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Because I have a corporate phone that sucks and I work in a cube all day.

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Hello Diana, unfortunately I am not the Luke you are looking for. I grew up in Colorado and am slightly younger than 34.

Wish you son good luck for me and to take it all in. The time flies by and there is a lot you can miss if you don't take the time to look around!


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Since I'm not sure exactly how you are implementing it I don't have a great answer for you. Once thing you might try to do is show the entire contents in both tables (yes, call tablesorterpager with a large number), remove the row from the first table and append it to the second table then apply tablesorterpager to both of them again. This way both counts will be correct and they will function correctly.

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Please don't mind anything you find regarding restraining orders. I hit a rough patch and couldn't stop myself from following Betty White. I really liked what she was doing for pets and wanted to get in touch with her. Apparently hiding in her bushes wasn't the best route to go.

Thanks for your wishes and I can't wait to meet you!


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I know this is only the second year of the program but have there been any founders that maintained day jobs? If so, how have the handled it and what kind of feedback have they given on the situation?

And yes, keep you eye out. I have a couple ideas now!

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Since I used to work with this goofball I can tell you that he is a real pain in the ass. The kind of pain that gets you moving and in the right direction. Great hire, I know he'll do great things.

He also has an unreal dedication to ice cream cake.

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My initial thought was that commenters owned their posts and could only be deleted by the publishers but I can definitely see times where exceptions should be made. As others have said if the post contains value but has something the publisher doesn't want or needs attention (profanity, bad urls, etc) I think publishers should be able to edit that comment with the caveat that there is a note saying who it was edited by along with a snippet of WHY the comment was edited. Just something simple like "fixed URL" or "edited profanity". I think this would help the credibility of the publisher because they can make sure comments fit their guidelines and allow commenters/viewers to see why something was changed. Of course the idea of notifying commenters of edits and allowing them to delete their comments still apply.

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One more. I love the ability to see where my friends are on a map but I think it would also be cool to see people around me on a map too. I think this would help people make connections since they could see how close they are together.

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One feature I would like to see would be to specify when you want SMS notifications sent and when to turn them off. I like getting texts about people checking in near me but not when I'm sleeping....

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I'l like an invite too. This looks like a great tool especially when I split my time between 2 cities...