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Thanks for responding, and you make a very good point. "wisdom" of the masses while crowdsourcing can be just as harmful as it might be helpful, depending on the groups being sourced.

I definitely think another post recognizing this fact is needed, and I will source you as my inspiration.

It actually begs the questions of the survey. Is the response a true slice of life perspective or is the information (misinformation) skewed to a particular segment of our population. Definitely ideas to mull over.

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Well said Michael! I think today's politicians and businesses need to remember the the digital world is not the end of their marketing efforts, but rather a segment of their market. By speaking to us on our level there is a connection made, but we should never forget those that are not as entrenched in progressive media formats.

San Antonio is quickly becoming a city that is putting itself on the map for more than just it's tourism market. We're seeing a groundswell of new ideas, amazing start-ups, and a galvanized community that is pushing forward and turning heads. The winner of this mayoral race will be holding a true gem in their hands and by building solid relationships with the community, we can all move forward together.

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I appreciate you stopping by the site. I really enjoyed myself at this event and feel that politics, like business, must bear the responsibility of being honest and open with the community. Whether it's supporters, or customers, we all have a voice in the success or failure of those that have placed their trust in us. Why create trouble, when honesty can build long lasting relationships.

Thanks for the link back and I'd be happy to attend any future events that come up.

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I agree on your statement about losing yourself online if you're a liar in the first place with who you are. I think it happens far too often, but thanks to the efforts of social media, it begins to expose people over time, and the truth eventually comes out.

I had a friend who was a part of the "hack" community and I remember everyone he talked about was under a different name.

Thanks a lot for stopping by the site and sharing your story!

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Very aptly put. I think it happen more often than not that we get so caught up on the same "trip" that we do forget to absorb what is happening, and the experience that we are going through at the moment. Hence why conversation is so important. We all have an agenda when we socialize and connect, but that should always take a back seat to the development of your relationships and the building of a network if you want to achieve anything. Conversation breeds good relationships which in turn will breed great support!

Thanks for stopping by!