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How sad! We thought he had it all and some, come to find out he did not. Luckylucy very well said.

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OMG, whipping out the wild card, he thinks he is a victim ha ha ha. Don't worry there are plenty of boys to play with you in the big house. Your dream can come true.

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How sad for this family! I am outraged as well. This is a family's grieving time, not profit time for idiots.

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OMG this poor child. Take away the daughter and take away this mothers breeding rights.

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What a small bag of money, too! LOL I guess he will have to find another career choice he sux at this one.

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I wonder if that NO contact order meant "until he felt like it?"

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I love the sounds of this! Patients and providers working in partnership leaving the big boys out!

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I agree what a scum bag!

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"Dan Crippen, executive director of the NGA, said high unemployment is forcing millions of people to join or remain on Medicaid, the joint federal-state health care program for the poor. That's placing big demands on states, which boosted Medicaid spending 20 percent this year."

WTH, do they expect as they keep the 99% paying the taxes? The working poor struggle and corporations get away and they allow this? Medicaid will only get bigger as the 99% are crippled by this economy.

Land of the free and home of the brave!

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Your a little touchy! This is NOT about location this is about a bank robber. Almost all bank robbers wear a "hoodie" and this one was wearing a green shirt. It could have been a yuppie Izod green shirt for all I know. I am just surprised he was not wearing a sweatshirt.