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Will Obama give back Maher's money?

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She's certainly lacking any sort of self respect and/or feminine ideal, I'll give her that. I woudln't be su prprised if she sews some false nuts to her no no bits and swings them about.

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I suppose since the morgues are overflowing with dead bodies there they have to look elsewhere to line them up for identification.

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I'm not asking the government to excommunicate her-- it's the fact that she's a catholic and she's demonstrating clear anti-catholic stances and policies that go against the church- they'd be right to excomunicate her.. that is not in the jurisdiction of the constitution.

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Thoughts and prayers to the family of Andrew Breitbart.. thank you for sharing him with us.

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Unfortunately what people don't really hear about is that Gaga had a female singer/partner/songwriter that ended up killing herself.. . Gaga took this girls' persona and some of her songs and basically ran with it.. everything else she took from Madonna, Cher, and so forth.

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Ah, you're one of those people that were 'born that way'. Precious.

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The first thing the Catholic Church should do is kick Pelosi out.

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Obama will approve of the keystone project just before the election to benefit from the good vibe of employing a crapload of people. He will say that because he sent it back he was able to finally approve something that would be better for the environment. It's a game.

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Breitbart needs to run a ru nning list of the Green companies that are down and how many people lost their jobs.