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All I am going to say is I have worked under union oppression and without it. I am making 3 times more now than I did with the union. As far as card check goes I dare a union boss to step on my property.

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Thunder is impressive but it is lightning that does the work. We can all set out here and in our homes and yell and throw stuff at our tvs all we want but truly believe that the only way we are go to their attention is to march in such numbers that the walls of the White House shake as if an earthquake has struck. Many of the reasons that were present during the revolution are present again today. The problem then is the majority understood those reasons. Can we say today that the majority understand anything in this era of disinformation?

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If we can't get the power people out and get those who want to do what is right for their country in then we aren't going to gain anything by creating transparency. The government has gotten to big and to secretive to be able to see it all so we need good people we can trust instead. The grassroots with teeth have got to start running for office. That's the only way to fix it. We must also start this at the local level like it was inteaded from the founding. Not on the national level. Power must be removed from the Feds and put back into the hands of the city, county and state governments

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I would say that 90% of what is being said here is correct but I would also say this. Accountibility isn't enough. It is the type of people who are running for office that is our problem. For instance, I have a very dear friend that just got back from Iraq. Great guy and he wants to run for office. The problem is he doesn't want to run so that he fix the problems he is running for the prestige of being in office. I think that the majority of those who run and are elected now are doing so because their desire for power and prestige rather than service and to do what is right. The best people for the these positions are ones like ourselves. .

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I don't know of any one central location but Hannety and maulkin are supposed to be trying to keep track of them. Glenn had said they were going to start but I'm not sure if they did you might check their websites

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There are a some great ideas coming up. It just shows that need brings about innovation. I would also like to point out that it is useless if we don't teach our children the right things. My son is 4 so I can't teach him everything right now but I can teach a lot. We are working on God and principles right now. He also knows how to plant a garden, he is learning to care for livestock and he can tell more about tracking game than most people I know. But as he gets older I shifting my focus to history. If we don't teach our kids history and to avoid the same atitudes and mistakes that we and our ancestors have made then everything we are attempting to solve right now is useless for they will follow the same paths again and continue the cycle.

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Am I the only one who is fed up with our spineless state governments? With all the problems we are seeing, this is the time for them to stand up and declare states rights. I mean 90% of the reason the American Revolution happened was because you had an all powerful government dictating from afar laws that may no sense in another land. Now we are going back to that with a huge Federal Government dictating to puppet state officials how to do things. Laws that may be great for New York aren't worth a crap for me in Texas. If we want to fix things get back to small local governments who know what is going on in their area. That is the whole reason we created city, county, and state governments. Keep it local. Kick out the feds or possibly in my case the Federales

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Haline sounds to me like your pretty informed. It makes me very happy to see people like you on here. Have you read anything on HR 875 or The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009? If not its a horrible act and one everyone should look into. I don't think it has a chance of passing but in these days who knows.

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I'm reading all of these posting about people being fearful, angry and saddened and I just want to say thats it great that you feel that way. It means your eyes are open. These are good things as long as you control them and channel them in the right ways. Make sure your emotions bring out the best in you otherwise hell could break loose. Also look around here. WE ARE NOT ALONE. I'm 26 married with a 4yr old boy and my wife finally clicked on about week ago. When she finally realized where we are she freaked. She had been listening to me for 2 years but not believing and it finally hit her. What I told her is something I've thought long and hard about and please understand I don't mean it in the lets start shooting kinda way. I will be dead before I look her and my son in the eyes say I did nothing. I refuse to tell my son about what we had 20 yrs from now have him ask why did you not do anything. I make that vow to everyone here. Whether I have to hold tea parties, march on washington or run for offices to fix this I will do it. I'm making my stand because if we don't do it now we may not be able to later.

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I'm sorry for changing subjects folks but I feel its important. If the information I'm getting about HR 875 or the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 is correct it will hurt thousands initially and millions ultimately. Please everyone look into this. It will kill small farmers which will in turn create shortages considering the amount of food small farmers grow safely.