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I had an idea for one, too - a bunch of liberal Lilliputians trying to tie down Lady Liberty, only to discover she's WAKING UP and starting to struggle! Obama should be saying something like, "bring more rope!" while Pelosi comes up with ropes labeled things like, "Cash for Clunkers," "Socialized Medicine" and things like that.

Those liberal Lilliputians are starting to realize America is WAKING UP and we're starting to fight back. MUWAHAHAHAH!!!

:) But I can't draw, either.

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That was my favorite part too

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Of course they knew! They were counting on it being so "wildly successful" that it ran out of money and had to re-funded. They know how to milk the cow. They give their voters a welfare program and then - dang! - there's not enough money. Well, gosh.....we'll have to find *some* way to keep giving you this welfare..... you won't mind if we raise taxes on "the rich" or print a little more money to keep funding this program for you, will you? NO?!? Well, great, let's get on it!

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Yah, he joked with someone else about not being able to get the media off "his lawn." I thought the same thing - hey! That's MY lawn and as far as I'm concerned you shouldn't have a moments peace while you're there!


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taxing my property to support a pubic education system run by the Federal government

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I think that when Obama said that the police department "acted stupidly" in arresting Gates, he didn't mean because Gates was black - he meant because Gates is a friend of his. This man got where he is on the backs of his "friends" and he is expected to take care of them. Police departments all across the nation just got a lesson - you don't mess with the boss man's friends.

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I have to respectfully disagree. I think Obama USES racism to his advantage, and he is certainly keeping racial tensions alive simply by TELLING people that America is racist - but I don't think that Obama has any allegience to anything but himself. I don't think he gives a crap about "the black community" except as far as he can use them. He identifies as black because that got him elected. I don't think this man has the kind of feelings that you're ascribing to him because I don't think that he HAS feelings - just ambitions. He has no loyalty to anything but himself, but he certainly uses race to his advantage. I'm sure the church he went to in his youth affected him THEN - but I think that as he got older he realized that emotion wouldn't get him where he wanted to be, so he adopted his current emotion-less analytical behavior. He uses race because it gets him what he wants, but I don't think he has enough genuine emotion or loyalty in him to be a racist. Just my thoughts on him.

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Hey, a new way around immigration laws. All a foreigner has to do is have a birth announcement in an American newspaper when they have a baby, and then when the kid grows up they can come to America as a citizen because they had a birth announcement in an American newspaper! Look! I'm a citizen! Here's a newspaper clipping that proves it! Now give me my welfare and Democrat voter registration card.

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Let's remember that education was the first part of private sector taken over by the government, and it happened almost immediatey. Thomas Jefferson came up with the idea of a property tax to support government-run, public schools to provide a free education to poor kids. This public school business has been the government's business ever since then. Any business owner, when investing any amount of money in a business venture, will be the one who "pulls the strings" or calls the shots. Makes sense - and this is the same thing. Of COURSE the Feds will decide what hoops schools must jump through in order to get the brass ring (more useless money) - the Feds are the ones who run the schools - it's a government-run business, not some philanthropic venture.

Personally, we homeschool our kids because we don't like the way the government runs their schools and we can't afford private school. And I still have to pay almost $1000 a year in property taxes to support public schools.

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If there were, they'd give it to Al Gore