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We may not be able to take our country back, but we can start by taking back what we hold to be true and honest and that is a closer walk with the Lord. I believe you are correct in stating that God is slowly witholding His blessings, but I also believe He is still allowing us to make our own decisions. As I have seen state after state legalize same-sex marriages, something that goes in stark contrast to what is written in the Bible, I see His hand being withdrawn and eventually we will be left with a world gone mad. Take back our families, restore them to an image that glorifies our Creator and Redeemer and we will begin to restore our communities, our churches and our country.

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If more governors had the backbone to stand up to the feds and the political hacks of DC, perhaps we would not hear states talking about secession. Get off the government feed troughs and take control of the states and give back the stimulus money and stand united across this country. now is the time to rise up and take this country back.

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Just another rung on the ladder to socialism...climbing ever closer with another liberal. When will people ever wake up to the reality that the judicial system is becoming as corrupt as the legislative and executive branches of government....Who says money can't buy happiness, it sure worked for Franken...

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This is is ridiculous. What business did these so-called representatives have going to a foreign country, one that has a Communist dictator, and praising him? There should be such an outrage from the Congressional leadership and these men and women that went should be kicked out of the halls of Congress. Oh, wait a minute I almsot forgot, Nancy Pelousy is in charge there, all will be forgiven or not even mentioned at all. They have overstepped their bounds in regards to speaking with this dictator. It is not in their job description to be negotiating on any level. The US has a standing policy for not traveling to this country unless approved by the State Department. Why did they let them go to Cuba? Who is in charge of the State Dept.? Who authorized it? It just goes to show you that one socialist can get along with another socialist.

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What was started as a tradition so many years ago has now become a politically correct gathering...Give me a break. This event is supposed to be for the children, leave it that way. A person quoted in the story stated that they "did not feel welcome" during the Bush administration's event. Now because we have one of the most liberal president's in history hosting the event they now feel a part of the celebration. Just another touchy-feely story to make everyone appreciate the gay lifestyle. Keep it for the kids and leave the politics out of it...PLEASE.

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Thanks for the opportunity to sign on.

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The American Dream is not in just having more toys than your neighbor, it's about being able to have those toys and to enjoy them with those you love. It is not a sin to have wealth, but it is becoming harder to make wealth in our society that has turned its back on capitalism and seems to be embracing socialism and all of its warts and call it progressive. I find nothing progressive about it and again say it is high time we make a stand for the right. Live free, die free and along the way help others to be free as well. The true patriots of this country need to band together and with each breath make it clear to our elected officials that we will hold them accountable during the next election cycle and we will not waver when pushed. The government is FOR the people not the other way around. Unite behind the banner of truth and we will see victory one day soon. Keep the faith.

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Just a few short years ago this country stood together as we watched the horror of the Twin Towers come crashing down, Nearly 3,000 people died as a result of terrorism on our soil. The days afterward brought people together in a solidarity that has not been seen since. On the contrary the division between people today is just as evident as the unity that we saw then. It is time to take this country back to the people who have made it great and not hand it over to a few who do not understand this greatness.

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What business does the US government have to do with private business? GM should never have gotten into the same bed as the bureaucrats of DC. The new GM CEO is awaiting orders from the Treasury, who gets their orders from NObama. Is there any reason that any thinking individual believes that this is a good thing? This is a slippery path that the business world has started down. GM should declare bankruptcy and even though so many will be affected by the layoffs, the result will be a company that either will be lean and mean and aggresively market the products that the public want or they will be remembered as something that could have been.

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It is a very sad reality that we have lost so many children to this horrific procedure. Where would we be today if they had lived.