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Daniel, we are so glad to have you as the Connections Pastor for Church Online! That is so awesome how God moves and guides us to the right places when we decide to let Him use us! Looking forward to seeing how God will continue to use the team to connect people throughout the world to Him!

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I really enjoyed this post! One of the best statements I've seen in a while on Church and technology. The idea is to reach people. Simple.

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I find it amazing how all scholars typically believe that Jesus did exist. They even believe he was a good teacher, and a man that sacrificed a lot for a good cause. But then, there are those that will not leap to the conclusion that He is who He says he is. Jesus Christ has risen, paying such a great sacrifice so that we may all live!

I have heard stories of scholars that after truly seeking Him out come to no other conclusion that He is Lord! Seek Him and He will open your eyes!

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I should mention that the book is called Love Dare - it is from the movie called Fireproof.

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My wife and I are doing the book Fireproof, along with the rest of our LifeGroup. We have now added daily prayer into this daily routine that my wife and I have to better our relationship. It is all making so much sense now! God is our number one and through our focus on Him, our relationship is better. Check out the book Fireproof and spend some time praying as a couple!