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One reason Obama buddying up with all those unions is pretty scary!

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Now that is something I would pay to see!

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A LOT of people I know not only don't have a job anymore, but the few jobs left after Obama's attack on the coal industry will probably not be here much longer either. The rebound effects of that will be a major loss of businesses supplying the coalfields, as well as the loss of revenue to other local businesses. I haven't had a raise in YEARS! The effect of this economy on our income, as well as the HUGE increases in both electric rates and property taxes is devastating. The next step is an already overburdened unemployment system which can't be sustained. Mine unions that refused to concede any benefits in order to save jobs basically shut down union mining in the entire area. Much of this was under the leadership of Richard Trumka (now Obama's head of the AFL-CIO). Without better leadership in all positions, the country WILL NOT better itself.

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Apparently this idiot who was harder on Israel than he was on Iran doesn't realize the "Palestinians" were originally migrants who came to Israel because of their abundant amount of jobs. Their homeland then refused to take them back because they were now considered traitors because they went to Israel. THAT is how the "Palestinians" began. So now they expect Israel, whom they consistently attack, to just give them some of their little tiny slice of land rather than expect the rest of the entire continent to give them any. Such hypocrisy!

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We had a Fiat and it had a worse than average repair record, but the worst part was that you could NEVER get the repair parts. They just didn't have them, and when you finally got them, they were expensive. So you better have a back-up car to drive while you were waiting on your Fiat to get fixed.

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Barney is also one of the loudest mouths on the AIG scandal, while doing the "watch my mouth, not my hands" on the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac bailout money. Don't forget people how much he is in bed with that outfit! He's trying to get the focus off of them by yelling so loudly over AIG.

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So are any of you going to a "tea party" on the 15th? Do you think that will make a difference and show them that we are mad as h*** and we aren't going to take it anymore? They still work for us, and we support Israel!

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The more you investigate, the fewer hopes you will have left. A few months ago I honestly thought some semblance of our government was salvageable. At this point I seriously doubt it and I would have never dreamed this just those few short months ago. Conspiracies, secret closed door meetings, one-world governments, government take-overs of American companies, openly fraudulent illegal groups like ACORN being given government responsibilities, tax evaders getting high positions, Jesus is out - Allah is in according to one of the latest nominees. Is there any truth to the FEMA concentration camps, or isn't there? Glenn Beck still hasn't done that special. What about the Bohemian Grove where all our wonderful politicians supposedly go and basically worship a satanic idol, drink, whore and party. If they don't, they don't go far in politics apparently. No wonder there's nothing but idiots up there. I just can't take any more of this insanity. It's time for it to stop.

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You got that right!!!!!!! Obama is gonna have to pick Israel or the terrorists. Well, I am going to stand with Israel no matter who that idiot picks!

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That's the problem. They aren't listening, and they won't unless we make them!