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Ali Sina is showing pic of MT as an example of someone who spent her life helping the poor and downtrodden. Do you have a better example? Whose picture will satisfy you?

["... but for the poor she gave only the advice to pray."]

Well we don't know if that is true or not, but are YOU a better example than MT? Is there anyone in your group who has dedicated his/her life to making other people's lives better?? Can you name them, and tell us what s/he is doing?

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["I and all the lucky ones have surrendered to Allah, We are free and happy ! we are busy accomplishing our mission; that is IBADAT (Worshiping)."]

Now wait.... How are you "free" when you have clearly *surrendered* to someone? You have surrendered to someone who has all kinds of laws regarding what you can do and what you cannot! So how are you free?
You are required to follow his commands, failing which you will be punished! So how are you free?

["we are busy accomplishing our mission; that is IBADAT (Worshiping)."]

Do you even have the option of having a mission other than IBADAT and/or Jihad? No you don't! You must only do what you are commanded to do! So how are you free?

It is crystal clear that you are NOT free, and yet someone has made you believe that you ARE! That is called brainwashing. You have clearly been deceived and brainwashed!

[".... Do Not Buy His Words! Even a Satan had sweet words to attract Eve (Hawa), to commit sin !! She was brainwashed with nice words from this Evil spirit !!!! BEWARE !!!"]

Quran has lots of sweet words in it too..... to attract simple and innocent people (like you). And it quite obviously has brainwashed you into believing that you are 'free' when you clearly are not! So tell me, does it take a master psychologist to figure out that it is Quran that one needs to beware of??

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[" In fact how do you know that it was common for Arabian girls to attain puberty so early? "]

TnKuK's learnt savant told her this. The same as Benazir Bhutto's savant told her that no true Muslim will make an attack on her because if they do, they will burn in hell.

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["....That is why you are looking for somewhere to hide."]

Can you elaborate? Where is Anand (and other Hindus) hiding? 

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Jesus, read your previous comment. There you said,

"Also KTE, there is no need to be worried about insulting me. I Take no offense to anything someone says. Even if they are being offensive! Our words reveal our Hearts. It only helps me in our concourse. So please, in the ebb and flow of these conversations, feel free to say what is Honestly on your Mind. I promise I will not waste my time or yours with any negative emotions."

So if I freely said what I observed, you get offended and call me a 'devious', 'liar', and an 'elitist'. Look, if you can't take positive criticism, do not make statements like the above one!

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["A person CANNOT be content UNTIL he Gives....."]

I doubt that but I am also aware that the human mind is very complex, hence I am not going to challenge your claim. The readers are welcome to practice Giving and see if contentment begins to take root in them.

Now even if your claim turns out to be 100 percent true, it would still not change the fact that Nishkam Seva (Selfless service) is already a part of Hinduism. The Hindu books do not mention contentment in the context of selfless service. 'Contentment' is something that I personally deduced from my own experiences, observations, and readings. It is quite possible that the pundits who introduced this concept believed the same as what you wrote regarding contentment.

Having said that, IMO it does not really matter how the person achieves contentment. What matters is that s/he does achieve it because unless s/he does, there can be no moving into the next stage of spirituality!


["These other Myths explained FULLY the Truths, yet they are dead. Why? Because their time had passed and they were no longer sufficient to progress mankind's Mind. Hinduism is of this retort."]

First of all, to say that "the myth is dead" is incorrect understanding. Anything that explains the truth, and is still available to anyone who is curious, is NOT dead. The correct understanding is that "the knowledge of that myth /story is lost."

People may end up losing knowledge available in Hinduism too, but the reason for this loss would not be that "their time has passed". The reason would be apathy.


["How do you Know that I am not in complete favor with God Now by Giving these messages? Perhaps that IS my reason for Now!?"]

Yes, THAT is the reason! I do not know much about Christianity, but I have read enough comments posted by Christians that I can now tell what they are really up to! Content people do a variety of things, but Christians would only be seen zealously indulging in these activities - 1) To bring people to Jesus (that is, to convert them), 2) To make sure they remain Christians no matter what they go through in life, even if they die, and 3) Oppose abortion!

What motivates them to indulge in these activities? Because they are required to do all this in Christianity, and by doing this they hope to get God's favor! Christianity doesn't say much about protecting the converted from sufferings, so all that the victims get is lip-service. It is too bad that you Christians of Nigeria are suffering and getting mass-murdered every other day, but don't you do anything that will shake the favor that I have built with God.

I am sorry Jesus, but you are NOT content! Maybe it is because you have never 'Given'! All your giving was nothing but a hollow ritual! You were doing business. You were 'giving' the message of Jesus, and in return you were TAKING Attaboy's from God. You didn't give anything that the Bible doesn't say will get you God's favor. You were hungry for Attaboy's. That is NOT called being content.

["You see KTE, we are to Give where we are Led to Give."]

This is just a convenient excuse. If the Bible said "You will be in God's complete favor if you fight those who cause suffering to Christians in poor countries", you would be fighting for the Nigerian Christians with the same zeal as when you oppose abortion and/or spread the message of Jesus! But since the Bible doesn't say such a thing, it is NOT on the top of your list. You MAY get to it if chance leads you to it!

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I only had two questions and they were sincere. Thank you for answering them. The message of Jesus, as you explained, is very good and everyone should ponder upon it seriously. This message already exists in Hindu thought (selfless service), or it can be easily deduced from available knowledge. However, if someone fails to come across Nishkam Seva in Hinduism, or has difficult time understanding what it is all about, s/he should accept your explanation as something valuable available from Christianity.

Now do not take this as offense but your comment shows that there are some things about human psychology that you do not understand. (It does not matter if that human is a 'modern' human or medieval or even a future human). How can you combine science and spirit when you do not fully understand the human mind? You have posted this comment before and I replied to it. I said that only content people can *truly* give. For all others, this 'giving' is nothing but a hollow ritual. There are lots of Christians who convert people to Christianity and think that they are "giving" the message of Jesus to others, when what they have really done is satisfied themselves! What they do is TAKE (the satisfaction of having converted someone), yet they live in the delusion that they have "given". They do this because they are not content, and without contentment there can be no giving!

["........... and even then I will Give."]

Well, thank you for giving me the message of Jesus and it is indeed a great message for humans! Now I do have a question for you-  Every other day Jihadwatch reports that a bomb exploded in a church in Nigeria, or that a village of Christians was attacked and dozens killed. I have never counted but I bet that some 100 such attacks happened in that country in the last two years! My question is- What have you or the Church that you belong to, *given* to those Christians so that they no longer have to suffer?

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The upanishadic word for "dream of life" is not Leela, but Samsar (Sansar, संसार). Leela is something completely different and I shall explain it here-

Buddha said that this life is all pain (Dukkh) but that when one realizes that this life is nothing but a dream / illusion, all the pains vanish because the person then realizes that the pains too are illusions.

In my version of Hinduism, I have modified this Buddhist thinking. Upanishads say Brahman alone exists and is the source of all. This life is Brahman's 'dream'. However, Brahman is also IN the dream; That is, Brahman is the fabric of this dream. The dream is none other than Brahman!

For the context that we are discussing here, let's call Brahman 'God'. The 'dream' that we are in, is none other than God. God is 'dreaming' and we are participating in this dream. 

We are present IN God; This is God all around us- Is this realization Dukkh (pain) or Sukkh (joy)?? If you ask me I say it is Sukkh. In fact when we deeply contemplate on this, this realization becomes even sweeter than joy; it becomes bliss!

Now our life changes completely. We have good times in our life (that make us happy) and bad times (that make us sad and give us pain), but we NO LONGER fall into depression, because we realize that no matter what happens to us, we remain participants in God's dream. We are always in God.

It is this *participation* in God's dream of life, that is called Leela. Hindus say everything that happens is God's leela. When we deeply think about this, we realize that they are not talking about individuals, but rather refer to the collective participation of everyone (including other living creatures and even non-living things), as God's leela.

So we look around and see that everyone is already participating in this Leela (that is, everyone is playing their respective roles); God's leela is going on non-stop. But where does that leave us? How do we participate in this Leela? What role do we play? And since we now know that this is God's work going on, no less, we don't want to play some cheapy role; we want to play some high quality role, something that would compare with the best of Hollywood. How do we do that?

Hinduism has provided the answer to that question too: By living our life by Dharma- that is the best way to play our part in the leela of God! Once again, since we know that this is God's work going on, we now want to play our role to the best of our potential, with not an iota of apathy or laziness! When we do that, that would be our leela.

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["I have not been clear to your Mind. I need you to put down your bias for awhile. I will attempt humbly to explain to you Truth."]

I am sorry but in the guise of explaining the "Truth", all you have done is repeated the same old tirade against Hinduism. You haven't told us what exactly the message of Jesus is, and exactly how it satisfies the 'modern man' in a way that Hinduism does not.

Please also tell us how is the 'modern man' different from earlier people besides the fact that s/he now possesses more and powerful tools to satisfy his/her hedonistic and animistic desires faster!


["The Hindu mythology (just like Greek or Egyptian Mythology) with all its God's are nothing more than masks covering or trying to explain Natural Phenomenon to the uninitiated Mind."]

You are basically right except that "mask" is an incorrect word to use. The correct word would be 'allegory'!

What is wrong with using allegories?


["All your demons and God's are nothing more than fear mongering by the ruling class."]

It is not 'fear mongering'. The fears and insecurities are already there in the people! Sakat has already explained the importance of mythologies in his post. The pandits, if they are learnt, use the tales of demons and gods to get people rid themselves of their fears. What is wrong with that?


["Hindu's are leaving the Myths behind in droves."]

Many indeed are! They go to college, find out that all the gods and demons are nothing but 'mythology', and ditch their beliefs. Then they start seeing themselves as superior to the 'superstitious' Hindus. The end result: we have ended up with another class of elites who live in the delusion that they are superior.

It would be willful blindness on the part of any Hindu to say that his religion is free of faults. However, the wise thing to do is to identify those faults and get rid of them. To ditch the belief system altogether because of its faults, is like throwing the baby away with the dirty water.


["Not that Hinduism is bad or evil, only that its time is up."]

Its time is up, why? Because people have become too lazy to decipher and interpret the stories? The scientists have discovered that our brain uses a lot more energy when we put it to use. So the educated people have decided that it is better to conserve energy and simply watch TV. When we read stories we have to imagine images in our head, which uses up energy. To decipher and interpret the allegories cost even higher amounts of energy. OTOH when we watch TV we do not have to imagine anything at all; everything is presented to us already prepared! What can be better than that!! See how the scientific discoveries are helping the 'modern man' conserve energy?


["Your air of elitism is actually quite sickening as all the Hindu supremacy spewed on this site."]

Some Hindus are indeed being supremacists but not all are! There are many like me who are open to learning new/alternative viewpoints. That is why I again ask- What is the simple direct truth/message of Jesus, and how does it help/satisfy the modern man?
If this message and your explanation of it seem vastly more beneficial than what I have learnt from science and the Indian texts, I will either convert or will incorporate your message into my current belief system (after giving due credit to Jesus and Christianity of course)!

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["Honestly it seems to me that this site is taken over by hindus..."]

And Jihadwatch is taken over by fanatic Christians. Just read the comments there!

...But seriously, the fault lies with non-Hindus and non-Christians for not being more active here (and at JW). Neither Ali Sina nor Robert Spencer stops them from posting their comments. So why are they so reluctant?

["American have been for front in defaming Islam, ...."]

Which American of influence (political, media, Hollywood, universities etc) has defamed Islam? Can you give some names and provide some evidence as to how they have defamed Islam?

["but yes I belive so as per my current knowledge base.Every relgion is equally messed up, its islaam which gets the most critics is , becuase Islam is on the lands where their is Oil."]

You need to read a couple of articles here and update your knowledge base! Islam gets criticism because unlike the followers of other religions, Islam followers have been killing and murdering ever since Muhammad was alive! Only the politicians and big companies have had their eyes on oil and you will never hear them criticise Islam.

[" Hidnus here should know that your religion is no different from Islam either...."]

In other words, you were never a Hindu. Let me write down a couple of easy to identify differences between to two-

1) Muslims believe in one invisible tyrant, whereas Hindus believe in dozens of gods and goddesses, both with form and without. Many Hindus believe in philosophical stuff that doesn't involve 'God'!

2) Muslims believe in a 'final' prophet, Hindus believe that Gurus and avatars can show up anywhere and in anyone!

3) Hindus actively use pictures and idols of their gods, Muslims consider it shirk.

4) In Islam singing and dancing is haram, whereas for Hindus nothing is complete unless there is some performance arts involved!

5) In Islam bells are haram, whereas every Hindu temple has got a bell in it for people to ring.

6) Muslims slaughter cows, whereas [most] Hindus worship them!

7) Mosques are designed for mass-worship, whereas Hindu temples are designed for individual worship. [Of course with the increase in population, many large temples have adapted to accomodate large number of devotees, but the underlying design remains one of individual worship.]

8) Islam teaches that only its own Allah and its religion is true and that all others are false, whereas the Hindu belief is that different religions are simply different paths to reach the same goal.

These are simply a few of the differences between Islam and Hinduism that I had the time to write, but there are many more. The differences are enough that someone claiming "Hinduism is no different  from Islam" only shows his utter ignorance!

["I am a former hindu...."]

No you were not! You are a Islam-follower and always have been!

["Do k now ur hatred against muslims (most of you want muslim to die of ) is of same nature as what you blame Muslims do posses."]

Most people only want Muslims to ditch Islam! May be there are some Hindus here who want all Muslims to die but the important thing to keep in mind is that their hatred of such nature is NOT backed by fundamental Hindu principles. This is unlike Islam, where the hatred of non-Muslims is prescribed in the religion itself.