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Huh. Not sure why my original comment got whacked, but I will say again that I'll believe all street greetings are innocent and friendly when those men start saying hello and oh you look nice to every person they pass, including men and old women and not-conventionally-attractive women. And that it's interesting how few interactions I have with men on the street with I present more butch, and how many more I have when I present conventionally female. And that it is exhausting, as a woman, to be expected to instantly parse every initiated interaction for how likely it is to be genuinely friendly and how likely it is to be a prelude for continued unwanted attention and/or abuse.

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The frisson of fear is a helluva drug.

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Just enough to tell you that if Customer = GHEY, >>> Change = GTFO.

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This is my neighborhood pizza joint. Rocco is a quality guy, and his pies have soothed my homesick-for-Chicago heart many times. Always loved him for his smartass signboard out front, and now... well, now I'm just going to have to marry the whole damn place. Building, employees, menus, you name it.

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Rocco's from Beverly, and his pizza is completely legit.

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And if you have ever spent any time in Evansville and the surrounding area, you'll know the outcome of white cops vs. black [ ____ ] before it even started. Unfortunately.

*edited to change unintentional possible assholey sounding wording.

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Calves like cantaloupes or it didn't happen.

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Sweet. Master's degree, 19 years in current position, recognized as THE expert in my field. And I grossed slightly more than a third of that amount last year. Good thing coffee reduces suicidal thoughts!

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I would rather explain ladies marrying ladies to my kids than try to explain the unfathomable circumstances that lead not-starving-to-death people to believe eating lamb testicles is a good idea.

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Where can I buy these magical rape kits? I wouldn't mind turning a few loose in my shed, since it's a mess in there and it's way too hot to go out and clean it myself.