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right there in the end, that makes no sense? really?
so when one is in debt you stop paying your bills and live in the streets? or keep the debt going until you can get things moving again and then pay it off? <--

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reminds me of tina fey as palin where shes like, is global warming man-made or is it just a part of the End of Days. LOL

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who has time to worry about politics when dancing with the stars is on?

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I dont understand why you think Reid is a dipshit, but youre right that Angle is by far the most inept person running in this cycle, its incredible that anybody would vote for her.

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"but it was nice to see a rejection of Christianity."
what about Islam? he also rejected Islam, why only mention Christianity?

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epic lolz

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how about an equal time rule? we get a kid to sit next to him, wearing a similar shirt with the opposing view, eh? :P

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Im gonna side with the 80 percent whe believe in miracles,

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I have to get around to watching this movie, Ive seen some terrible things on this subject so I think Im prepared.

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all I heard was "nation build, nation build, nation build" for 30 minutes
but to your point, if McRage was president, would of been much worse