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Kaito Append sounds really promising! He already sounds awesome even though it's still in the Alpha Stage.

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Hopefully this will mean more songs coming out from the AHSloids. I'd love to see what songs will come out later on.

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Oh well, I can understand the amount of work that needs to be done if they want to release Kaito in V2. His V1 already have a unique feel to it anyways.

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Going to try this out! Interface is pretty and I've never played with UTAU before so this could be a great chance for me to become more familiar with them. There goes my uni projects...

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Kaito's Whisper is really awesome! I can't really tell the difference between normal Kaito and Kaito's Power but I still can't wait to hear the rest of his append. Does this mean that his original voicebank would also be released for V2? Can't wait to hear what songs will come out of these appends. Also wondering what his append illustration would be like. As for English Miku... not too happy about it but at least they still have the other 60% to improve upon it. Hope they keep working on it - English pronunciation is harder than Japanese pronunciation, but I really hope English Miku will sing better than Luka in English. Right now, I think even Luka's singing in English is better than English Miku (which is to be expected since English Miku is still being developed).

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VFS-01L and VFS-01R? Are they going to be like Rin/Len? I love the design, though obviously Rui kind of looks like Len while Ringu kind of looks like Miku. Nonetheless, looking forward to their voice samples! Here's hoping Rui actually have a boyish sound. Though I doubt that will happen since it's said that he's 12 years old and is easily mistaken for a girl. Anyways, really interested in this project now. Awaiting future developments!

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It's Jubeat Knit, too! And it's also connected to e-Amusement Pass. They also have a lot of other awesome arcade games (IIDX 18, Reflec Beat to name a few). ;A;

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Gah, and I JUST got back from Singapore. Really wish they'd put one on Zone X Dhoby Ghaut though. Although I can probably just play it at Zone X AMK Hub. I can see Cineleisure Orchard and Bugis Junction getting significantly more crowded. ;-;

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Awesome news! I would never make it too, but this is an exciting step - if the reaction by the people who went there is great, maybe they'll consider doing more stuff like this outside Japan. Will wait to see how the event ends up like later.

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Honestly, I think creating a form in Google Docs (like how they did it when they were collecting signatures for the "send miku to venus" campaign) is a better idea. It's better than how they currently collect signatures, and since it's basically a form to enter data to a spreadsheet, any current signature (700+, I believe) can be added manually. And since it's a spreadsheet, making charts and graphs would be easy. I'm still skeptical about this (I doubt SEGA would pay attention to an online petition and I don't know if they'll make it to 10,000), but I'll sign and help the campaign (in case it actually works).