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Here is a little taste of their own medicine.

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Nice article Congressman. You need to make sure and hand a copy to the rest of the Illinois democrat reps and senators that voted for this piece of garbage.
I received a e-mail from Senator Burris' office touting how great this health care bill is. I knew as soon as I saw his name that it was full of crap.

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Another proud metro-easter here as well. GO DANA!

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The good Rev was never one to let facts get in the way of a good mud-slingin'. They don't need facts when they have the ear of the media.

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Some states have implemented a law that forbids picketing within a certain range of a funeral in response to Phelps and his wack-a-doo followers.
Since most of those people are from within his family, no one outside his family is dumb enough to join, you have to wonder how this family keeps.............. pro-creating???
The Freedom Riders organization does it's best to attend any soldiers funeral and act as a barrier between the nut-jobs and the grieving family. Great group!!

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"Rent-a-Crowd" is correct. Having been in more than a few of those "mandatory formations" I can tell you that there are times when you look forward to being there and times when you are not. These troops have the "how soon can we go" look to them.
I retired from the AF last year, but my official retirement certificate was NOT signed by Obama!

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Rosie who???

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I've also been the victim of textbook assault where the college decides to change the required textbook to a newer version, even though the old version is only a year or two old. Same material, new cover, higher price. I've even had the college demand that I buy "their" version of the textbook, so it was impossible to buy used or off the internet sites.

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Ed "slobbering" Shultz recently about blew a gasket trying to deny that left-wing violence does NOT exist, and that any violence is limited to the right wing and tea partiers. When he was confronted with the truth of examples of left wing violence he told the commenter he was lying and a typical lying right-winger.
Check it out at News Busters:

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Apple might want to check the tv ratings and compare Fox News/Beck with that of CNN or MSNBC/any mouthpiece.
Money talks, and CNN/MSNBC are getting their butts kicked by Fox News.