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I don't think I could ever go fully vegan but I do try to eat at least vegetarian several times a week. Shepherd's Pie is a regular in my house so I might try this version next time.

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What a beautiful post.

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That uniform is just amazing. Another reason why I want to live in Oz.

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I know exactly what you mean but they WILL be fine. I'm going away just for one night next week and I'm worried about leaving my daughter. Sometimes you just have to go away and its really nice to have the time to yourself so enjoy it!

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What a great contest! I love photojojo because it introduces me to new photography techniques. I did my first stop motion video because of photojojo and I definitely want to do another one. The tutorials are great and I love the products! I really want to get one of those super secret spy lenses. I'm a bit shy when it comes to street photography and its a great way to get started on it.

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I'm sorry Flickr is making you so angry and keeps flagging your photostream. I have never seen one photo in your stream that has made me think it should be deemed unsafe. I hope this is the last of it.

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I'm glad your having such a great time with the volunteering. I have always wanted to do a bit of volunteering and if I had the time, I really would.

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I'm glad you've started off well with it. I need to get started on my healthy eating plan (I refuse to call it a diet) and I really want to to join the gym but I've given myself until the end of January before I can join.

Oh and can I also have a username and password for your diet blog please?

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I stayed at home, watched a film and then got in bed waiting for Meghan to wake up once the fireworks started.

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Thanks for the tag! I'll do this tomorrow. Love this meme :).