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I would have to agree with the points made by Daniel on each item. I practice proper social media ettiquette on Twitter, so those updates are perfectly appropriate for my Facebook account. I realize that there are those who are juvenile, but that is true in either medium. I actually have 2 Twitter accounts, one for my professional updates and one for the personal stuff. It is the personal stuff that goes to my Facebook account. But, I try very hard not to be arrogant, ungracious or just plain stupid with either account. :'}

The integration with Twitter is one of the aspects that actually brought me "back" to Facebook. That and the iPhone application for Facebook.

I do find your points thought-provoking and a good topic for a post. Looking forward to more comments.

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I think this is somewhat related to #2 - at least for me. Part of letting people "do their job" is delegating more and more responsiblity. And, make sure to delegate some of the juicier assignments to your best people.

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Very good point. The promotion of good engineers to management is fraught with interesting challenges. Because someone is a fabulous individual contributor in his or her field isn't necessarily the correct reason to promote to management. Have learned this lesson the hard way.

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Ah, talks of Objectivism...this sure does bring back memories. :'} I've noticed a lot of anger and cynicsim among my colleagues in discussing the bailouts. The term has become an over-used metaphor for everything from picking up after someone in the kitchen to software development lifecycle management practices. Then again, we are a feisty crew at NewsGator.

Thanks for the kind words on my blog post - you can't imagine how much better it made me feel to write it. Of course, now my employees are watching me like a hawk to see if I screw up...they probbaly won't have to wait too long.