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Yaaaay for Mandarin classes!
How soon can we have u subbing BiBi stuff?

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They are but I'm still confused, cus if this is a Western celeb then yeah... no clue

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Who? who? whoooo?

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I pray that someone picks this drama up!

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oye, oye, oye. U know I love me some Bibi but u are just not suggesting that she sings better than Xiah Junsu or Kim Jaejoong for that matter.
There are some better Korean singers but Idk them so well, my dear Karla does. I shall ask her.

There are some Kpop acts that sing well in English, perhaps not the best singers but they manage not to butcher the language.

You should really try and learn Chinese, so that you can translate all those BiBi songs to the world.

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Well yeah they make sense but they are just retarded? lol

Ah Super Junior M, the Korean version is so much better hahaha. But there is not so much what they are saying but a little of how they are saying and the melody of the song. Aw my chupa gal won't u be my baby gal~hahah Nice hook there.

But Leehom is in a class for himself. Daily Necessities is such an amazing song. Fml it is so simple just carries so much meaning. Like the best of poems.....

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"quickly do it with me"? *snorts*
GOD WHAT A HORRIBLE SONG! Guuuuh omfg that was just horrible, horrible, horrible.
But it was an oki video I guess? Very visual.
And I see the Korean influence, woah is that plastic surgery city. They don't even look Chinese...
It doesn't look SNSD, I mean, SNSD may have retarded songs but they are VERY WELL produced. Lyrics may be retarded, but the sound is not, the beats are nice, the hooks are hooking! GEE GEE GEE BABY BABY.
You won't find me singing "boy love me".
The lyrics made no sense at all.....
If Cpop hasn't been hip ad cool, what has it been?

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Those two last songs by GD were rad! I was gushing when I heard them because they are really not afraid to try new things. They like to have fun, they like to express themselves. They don't create things to be mainstream or commercial. I mean, this album, is not mainstream in Korea, if you compare it to the kind of mainstream music that is popular in Korea rn.

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Omfg what a race it was! Me and Amy were on the edge of our seats! We wanted Marion to win so bad!