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I would LOVE for them to promote with their original material. But sadly, it's not going to happen. Because most Americans are too narrow minded to see past the language and cultural boundaries in international music.

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I want to see this!!!! :)

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There are more commercial bands too. I would say that some of the ones that I've even posted on my site are a little more pop-rock and they been used a little more in things like anime openings and such. I know that Guyz are one such band they got a little exposure with their last single and were on some of the weekly music shows as well. They're one of my favorites, and maybe my pre-established love of pop music is why I'm sometimes more instantly in love with some of the more light/pop rock bands than the hard core ones. Some of the bands like Swimming Fish, Guyz,, No Brain, and others all get exposure with collaborations or for being on soundtracks. A perfect example of a pop-rock band that SM actually DID invest in is The Trax. They're sound has changed significantly over the years and they've become a lot more pop than rock recently. No Min-Woo leaving the group was probably a contributing factor in their sound change, as well as probably SM wanting to get more attention/ commercial appeal for the band.

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LOL! That movie looks terrible! I've seen some bad Hong Kong films though. I usually stick with them and find at least SOMETHING to like!

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Very pretty songs. :) I think they do ballads well. I guess it's the pop that I've heard that is off putting.

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LOL! I love her cute raspy voice, but she's a horrible singer. OR should I say that they gave her bad material. Also, I just can't get into Cantonese music. It's not melodic enough I think Because the language is so staccato in itself if just doesn't lend itself well to music in my ears. I like some, but not a lot.

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Oh MY GOSH. It's been FOREVER since I've seen her in something. I have her albums. *shiver*

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btw - it's LISTED on Netflix, but not actually available for rental. :(

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They rarely are. I have a few DVD's from over in that neck of the woods. They sub the main feature but almost never bother with the extras. :(

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Is this a new or old drama? My interest is surely piqued that's for sure!