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There is a rat eating my face.

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Come on. They are feeding us Romney.. MSM and the Rep. masters foreordained Romney and Romney it will be. Shall we all genuflect to our masters now?

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An interesting reading of the bible and its application to democracy. So, how about the overlap?

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I respect Gen. Grant, but his opinion on the separation of church and state has no power at all. The Constitution is the law of the land, and nowhere does it separate the church and the state. Religious institutions and their followers are completely free to participate in our democracy. it is only the State that must keep our of the churches.

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One of the earlier commentators was correct, the US Constitution does not separate the church from the state. Churches and their followers are completely free to involve themselves in the state. It is the state that must leave the church alone. Being religious and acting on those beliefs does not remove your right to participate in a democracy.
That separation of church and state idea is not supported anywhere.

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What is up with the picture. US troops did not cross anywhere into Germany in 1917. Maybe it should be captioned 1919.

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Germany was not really winning in 1917, but they were not losing either. It was pretty much a standstill in the West and while successful in Russia, Germany could not really exploit is victory. Turkey and the South campaign was going badly. Austria was stalling Italy, but not helping much.
Given time, without the US, Germany would have had major advantages after stealing Russian grain, oil, steel, etc. But it was landlocked by the British following the Battle of Jutland. More importantly, France had finally gotten rid of all their idiot, politically connected, socialist acceptable Generals and had a leader in Petain who did not squander French troops (yes, I know Petain was a traitor in WW2, but after the succession of WW1 French Generals who feed the corpse factory Petain was a genius).

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I respectfully disagree. The German Navy was not defeated by the US at all. Regarding the U-boat campaign. by the time the US entered the war the U-boat campaign was almost over, not because of the US Navy, but because the convoy system had been fully initiated by the British. As for Battleships, well, the German Navy had already been bottled up close to home following the Battle of Jutland (which the US took no part in). The US Navy was very formidable, bu it had very little to do with ending WW1. This is primarily because the blockade of Germany was already an accomplished fact by the time it entered the war.
The problem you have is that you over emphasize the importance of shipping to Germany. Look at the map. Russia had already been defeated. Its grain, oil, and natural resources were all readily available to Germany.. The primary problem Germany had in taking those resources was Russia's antiquated rail system.
But, America did win the war, make no mistake. Not because of its Navy, but because of its Army. Germany was tired. It had fought all parties to a standstill. Then America with its almost endless stream of soldiers entered the war. Unlike Russia''s soldiers America's were extremely formidable and Germany could do nothing about them (I acknowledge your Navy heret). The Germans rightly panicked and attempted to end the war before America became totally engaged by undertaking a massive, almost successful, campaign. When it failed, Germany KNEW it could not win. It was not getting the supplies it needed from Russia because of the railway system.
So, Germany signed an armistice. It did not surrender.. Its army was still in the field and still functioning well. No combat was taking place in Germany proper and none ever did (except for some minor air and sea attacks).
The Germans merely agreed to go home and negotiate a settlement.
Then the wheels came off. The US, France, and Britain went to Versailles and guaranteed WW2. The Germans viewed the Peace negotiations as going far beyond what they envisioned when the agreed to go home. Germany could have fixed the rail system in Russia and continued fighting well into 1920-21. They were doomed but both they and the World would have been far better off avoiding the disaster of Versailles.
Churchill had it right re Versailles, the battle of giants was over the, the squabbles of pygmies began.

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Interestingly you actually seem sincere. Here I thought you were another sarcastic sob like me. Me, when I get rid of something I put it in the trash. Apparently other people, such as yourself, fly their trash out of the country and lie about what was in it. Of course out here in Missouri we don't kill many people for what they put in their trash. As a matter of fact I have never even protested about what my neighbor put out on the curb. Silly me.
Now the fine folks in Afghanistan will burn a US flag at the drop of a hat. They will kill American troops for their garbage. In fact, they will kill each other because of American garbage. Which leads me to believe we are missing a great opportunity to defeat whoever it is we are fighting in Afghanistan this week. Just trash some more Korans. Certainly that will be cheaper and more effective than tear asssing all over the place looking for people with funny hats.

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The man-originated climate change hype is coming to a well deserved end. Few people who honestly look into climate change can come away with the belief that man is or has caused climate change.
Oh the climate is changing all right, just as it always has. We had the ice age, we had ice melting, we have had periods of high temperatures and low. At one time the Sahara was grassland and Antarctica was warm. But man has nothing to do with it. Look to the sun.
I will miss those cute polar bears floating on ice though.